Your Israel Bucket List Post Covid-19

It’s only a matter of time until Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, which means that your dream of returning to Israel can soon become a reality. We are as excited as you are and have been preparing a list of ‘must dos’ for you and your family during your next trip to Israel. However, this list does come with a warning – these recommendations might give you the travel bug!

Firstly, start your first day off in Israel with a classic Israeli breakfast. If you haven’t yet tried a traditional Israeli breakfast, be sure to add it to your list. Complete with eggs, too many delicious side salads to count, warm bread and freshly squeezed juice, this spread puts all other breakfasts to shame. While you can find this breakfast at coffee shops and restaurants, hotels in Israel are known to have the best spreads.

If you are in Tel Aviv, there are high chances you might consider following up your breakfast with a stroll along the beach. It’s a great place to spot people on their morning jogs, hear the signature ping-pong sounds of matkot games and, perhaps, a chance for you to spontaneously join in on an outdoor yoga class!

Continue your day in Tel Aviv by hopping on over to Rothschild Boulevard (by foot or on bike) and enjoy the shaded pedestrian and bike paths. There are high chances you will also be enjoying your ride alongside many other kids and families who are similarly enjoying the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions.  

A visit back to Israel must include a stop in the Golan. Ascend Mount Bental and enjoy the view into Syria. That small stand run by a Druze man you passed on your way up? Be sure to stop on your way down and enjoy fresh labneh and pita, carob honey and locally grown apples.

Most likely, Jerusalem will be a part of your itinerary, and what better way to commemorate your visit back to Israel than with a visit to the Western Wall? If your visit coincides before Shabbat enters, we recommend losing yourself in Shabbat songs and enjoying the sunset reflecting on the Dome of the Rock. In fact, if you return to the Western Wall on Shabbat morning, you can watch numerous bar mitzvah boys waiting for their turn to celebrate at the Wall.

A visit to Jerusalem is not complete without a morning exploring Machane Yehuda Market. There is something for everyone in this famous market – whether it’s fresh produce, warm babka, or pita straight from the oven.  

South of Be’er Sheva, stop at Makhtesh Ramon and commemorate your visit to this massive crater with a selfie. If you are up for it, you can take a jeep ride in the crater as well!

All of this traveling has most likely made you hungry, so be sure to stop for a hummus and eat it like a pro! Add fresh onion and other delectable toppings to your hummus and enjoy every bite. Beteavon!

You might be mulling over the eternal question of how are you going to bring Israel home with you. Not to worry! As you travel across Israel, we recommend you buy various spices (for example, zaatar and sumac), halva, tehina and olive oil so that you can enjoy Israel’s unique flavors and fragrances back home in your kitchen. You will thank yourself later!

Via Sabra can’t wait for your return to Israel and would love to be a part of your journey. As you consider your itinerary, be sure to consider one of our unique tours and trips. From authentic culinary tours to visits to wineries in the Carmel Mountains (Recanati Winery, Tulip Winery and more), Via Sabra will unfold Israel for you in the most unexpected of ways.

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