Three Seas: Nature Israel Water Tour – Spring 2024
Starting from $3320 Upcoming: 30 Mar
Families Israel Trip with Cantor Debbi Ballard | Summer 2024
Join Cantor Debbi Ballard for a fun and unforgettable Bnei & Bnot Mitzvah families trip to Israel! Experience the beauty of Israel with your very own ...
Starting from $4980 Upcoming: 28 Jun
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In Search of Israeli Cuisine - May 2024
An off-the-beaten track culinary experience that complements the movie “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” that was filmed in Israel. This unique itine...
Starting from $5550 Upcoming: 16 May
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Take Flight with Nature Israel | Nov. 2023
This trip is all about seeing, enjoying, and appreciating Israel’s nature and wildlife from the perspective of the organization that has been prese...
Starting from $3560 Upcoming: 04 Nov
Via Sabra-Melton Adult Learning
Melton- Shalom, Salaam- January 2024
Starting from $7995 Upcoming: 08 Jan
Last 6 spots!
Mike and Adeena's Excellent Israeli Culinary Adventure - Dec. 2023
Adeena Sussman and Mike Solomonov eating their way through Israel
Starting from $8600 Upcoming: 30 Nov
Accessible Christian Heritage Trip- October-November 2023
Israel has a special place in all the major religions. Join us for a fully accessible personal journey to visit the important Christian sites and get ...
Starting from $4370 Upcoming: 30 Oct
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Our Israel Trail - March 2024
Make "Our Israel Trail" YOUR Israel Trail. The Israel National Trail is 680 miles long and in this trip we will travel along sections of the Trail in ...
Starting from $4600 Upcoming: 10 Mar
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Chef Michael Rantissi Culinary Trip- March 2024
Over 9 days, Michael will showcase the history, ingredients and cooking techniques of the region. He’ll introduce guests to the person he credits fo...
Starting from $10330 Upcoming: 16 Mar
Bespoke Culinary Tours and Experiences
Via Sabra goes beyond the standard Israeli culinary tour. We will use our experience to curate a unique culinary experience just for you!

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