In Search of Israeli Cuisine- October 2022
An off-the-beaten track culinary experience that complements the movie “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” that was filmed in Israel. This unique itine...
Starting from $4200 Upcoming: 19 Oct
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Accessible Christian Heritage Trip- November 2022
Israel has a special place in all the major religions. Join us for a fully accessible personal journey to visit the important Christian sites and get ...
Starting from $3300 Upcoming: 13 Nov
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Tasting Israel With Adeena Sussman - October/November 2022
Join Adeena Sussman for 9 days of her culinary journey through Israel!
Starting from $9950 Upcoming: 30 Oct
Our Israel Trail- April-May 2023
Make "Our Israel Trail" YOUR Israel Trail. The Israel National Trail is 680 miles long and in this trip we will travel along sections of the Trail in ...
Starting from $4900 Upcoming: 30 Apr
New Dates!
SHEFA - A Women's Journey - February 2023
Shefa is a trip just for women - a journey that combines the special energy generated within a group of women and the abundance of Israel - spiritual ...
Starting from $6200 Upcoming: 14 Feb
Booze in the Holy Land- November 2022
An exclusive behind the scenes tour of Israel's flourishing beer, wine and sprits scene
Starting from $6000 Upcoming: 08 Nov
Rosebud Fashion Tour-November 2023
Join Fern Penn for an Israel experience full of fashion, food, and fun! Take a 'behind the scenes' look at Israeli Fashion that is up close and person...
Starting from -/- Upcoming: 06 Nov
New Dates!
Aliza Green Culinary Trip- November 2022
Join Chef Aliza Green on an intimate trip filled with hands-on cooking workshops, in-depth encounters, and so much food you will not have to eat for a...
Starting from $6170 Upcoming: 07 Nov
Bespoke Culinary Tours and Experiences
Via Sabra goes beyond the standard Israeli culinary tour. We will use our experience to curate a unique culinary experience just for you!

Early bird special - $200 off per person.

Available only between October 1-10, 2021!!

Registration for the trip will open on October 1. Fill out this form to be notified when registration for the trip opens, so you can take advantage of early bird special pricing!

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