The Israel National Trail – My Trail, Your Trail, Our Trail
By: Segev Ben Shalom
January 6, 2022
Every now and then, I feel a strong pull to go out into nature – to a place not far from home, a place that changes with every season. I think about interesting people I will meet along the way, about stopping under a random tree where I can pull out my stove, boil water […]
Tourism and Social Enterprises in Israel
By: Deb Zaluda
December 2, 2021
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Possibly one of the most significant lessons we have learned during COVID is the importance of slowing down and appreciating the basics. In tourism, this often means shifting from the big and fancy […]
Tour Guide or Professional Traveler?
By: Noam Rumack
November 1, 2021
In June 2021, I was thrilled to be able to “guide” my first group since COVID-19 spread around the globe, and was so happy to be on the road again. You see, I am addicted to this land of Israel – it sparks my imagination, and the people inspire me. It may get rough here […]
But First, Coffee
By: Via Sabra
October 5, 2021
Jerusalem (and surrounding areas) Whether you’re sitting in a café sipping a fancy-looking café hafuch, or enjoying your coffee prepared in a Finjan while your legs hang over the side of a cliff in the desert, the ritual of drinking coffee is woven throughout the fabric of Israeli society. Here, coffee culture is as diverse […]
11 Instagram Accounts to Follow Before You Travel to Israel
By: Mari Pack
March 9, 2021
Your trip to Israel is coming up. You’ve booked tickets, made plans, bought sunscreen. Time to imagine big! Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram accounts to get in the mood, get inspired, and get ready to experience incredible Israel. @mikesolomonovMike Solomonov is a chef, friend to Via Sabra, and collaborator on some of […]
Embrace the August Heat in Israel With These Insider Tips
By: Elana Lubka
February 22, 2021
Blog Israel has the perfect climate to visit at all times of the year – including the peak of the summer in August. Israelis are famous for embracing the heat and we’re here to share with you the hottest attractions Israel has to offer each August. Experience the Israeli summer like a local with these […]
Uncovering Israeli Cuisine with Tour Guide Orit Levi
By: Elana Lubka
There are tour guides and then there are tour guides. There are those who simply show the sites and those who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences through exploring local culture and cuisine. Orit Levi, one of Via Sabra’s beloved tour guides, does just that. After spending years working intensively in the restaurant industry, Orit […]

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