Israel’s Abundance – and Beyond…

It’s hard to believe that, though I’ve already been living in Israel for 8 years, I still discover incredible flavours, become inspired by new people, and travel to new areas of the country, all while feeling the permanence of home. A native Canadian, I picked up my life at the age of 43 and, together with my husband and three boys, arrived in Raanana for a family year abroad. I realized quite quickly how little I knew about this place, and that each day provided a new opportunity to experience newness. I cherished each and every outing.

The more of these experiences I have, the more I want to experience. They are infectious! And I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my collection of treasured spots with a small and intimate group of women each year through Shefa: A Women’s Journey. During this 9-day trip, we travel as a sisterhood through the country breaking bread with local women who make meaningful and impactful contributions to society, while surrounding ourselves with the stunning views, flavours, and biblical stories that seem to come to life before our eyes. In Hebrew, Shefa means “abundance”, which is apparent throughout the trip, in each visit, each activity, each interaction throughout the week.

Already in its fourth year, on February 14-23, 2023, Shefa: A Women’s Journey will bring together another group of 18 diverse women from all ages and far away places who opt in to a collective experience. From the moment we step off the bus, we delve deep into neighborhoods to experiment, learn, ride, cook, dance, taste, feel and process together this beautiful place called Israel. Each day is curated to spark curiosity and joy and to ultimately create lasting memories with new women friends. How often can you Gaga dance in the center of Tel Aviv with the dancers from the Batsheva Dance Company, cook maqluba together with Arab Israeli women in Akko, or sip Chardonnay at Bat Shlomo Winery, made from locally grown grapes and harvested by at-risk youth who are learning about responsibility thru a social business?

Israel is a modern country steeped in a rich history and a vessel for multiple peoples, each sharing a love for the land and a connection to peoplehood. Your participation in the Shefa journey adds a deep component to the rich story that continues today, and beyond.

Give yourself permission to play and to be here with us. Each person matters – no one can add your perspective. Through your participation, you will make an indelible impact on this rich abundant experience. Click here to learn all about what is sure to be a life-changing experience and join us. Yalla- let’s go!!

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