Our message of resilience and hope

Dear friends

We are on day 20 of this terrible reality, and yet, we continue. Each day, we put one foot in front of the other and we persevere. In Israel, resilience is the enduring spirit that weaves throughout our history and makes this small country the amazing place it is today.

We keep working for our friends and families, for our communities, and for you, and we do so because of our passionate love for Israel, its people and cultures. Our ecosystem is filled with inspiring examples of social action and unity as we hear of many of our partners opening their doors, kitchens, workshops, hotel rooms, and more, to support others.

We have started to collect their stories and are sharing them on our social media. We encourage you to follow us on Instagram to learn more about their efforts and share these heartwarming stories with your circles. This way, the important news – about our unity in the face of hatred, about our coming together in unique ways – gets out more.

Many of you have asked us for ways you can support Israel and small businesses at this time and we are aiming to share some ideas in the coming week. We thank you for thinking of how you can strengthen Israel at this time. The resilience of our Via Sabra community gives us reasons to believe in a peaceful tomorrow – One in which we can welcome you all again to Israel to experience the magic that comprises our multicultural people, culture, and history.

Across Israel there are signs – some small, scribbled, and homemade, others large and posted on billboards – affirming ביחד ננצח (beyachad nenatzayach) or Together, we will overcome.

With an unwavering commitment, we continue our work, sending a clear message: we are here, and we remain dedicated to hosting you here in Israel, hopefully in peaceful days just ahead. Until then, we invite all inquiries about planning your trip to experience the beauty and magic of Israel.

Your Via Sabra Family

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