Synagogue Trips to Israel

“With every step that I take, I am walking toward the Land of Israel” – Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

Do you dream of creating a trip to Israel with your synagogue that is an exuberant and meaningful experience for every individual in your community? The kind of journey that enables diverse congregants to bond with one another and Israel? And do you relish the peace of mind of putting yourself in the hands of talented and diligent professionals who make a commitment to smooth sailing from start to finish? 

Via Sabra excels in bringing scores of such synagogue trips to life. Our planners, storytellers, educators, and logistical experts have been affiliated with synagogues like yours—in North America and across the globe. We are eager to learn about the ethos of your congregation—and every aspect of your vision for a purposeful trip for your synagogue. We will work with you to curate the perfect itinerary that will allow your congregants to immerse themselves in the best of Israel. You will be pleased at our suggestions for landscapes, heritage, history, and encounters with contemporary culture and people you haven’t yet discovered.

You Can Count On

We look forward to listening to you and learning about your community.  We know  that a successful synagogue trip requires so much more than a wing and a prayer.  We’ll help you create an experience that will bring new energy and inspiration to your community. We share our intimate knowledge of Israel to help your congregants connect with Israel in fresh new ways.

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Multiple perspectives of an incredible country

Via Sabra organized a tour for two synagogues called “Multiple Narratives,” focusing on the many different narratives within Israel, whether they be political, religious, artistic or cultural.

We met with an incredibly wide array of Israelis and Palestinians, representing multiple religions and ethnicities. We ate incredibly well, often in people’s homes, and we had two smart, caring, and energetic guides — one Israeli and Jewish, the other Palestinian and Christian.

Can’t recommend enough.

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