Via Sabra Touch

You’ve heard about our unique ecosystem, unparalleled hospitality, and creative itineraries, but what about that...je ne sais quoi? The Via Sabra touch is the extra special care we devote to making every tour the best adventure of your life, no extra charge. 

A food vendor at the Carmel Market

What we’ve done on past trips:

Transition an August Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall from deeply spiritual to spontaneous and fun with an ice cream truck waiting outside the entrance, offering pre-selected flavors for guests.


Take your college age kids out for beers in the evening, while you relax at the hotel.

Introduce you to a famous chef for a quick falafel on the street corner.


Handle your luggage through every transition.
Drive a cocktail bar truck to Ben Gurion Airport with drinks for your smooth welcome to Israel.

Bump you to the front of the line at local sites and events, exchange cash upon arrival, and other quick timesavers.


As part of your Via Sabra package, expect the unexpected special treatment.

We love going the extra mile to ensure your comfort and joy.

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