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Israelis love food, probably because Israel is a melting pot of many different cultural tastes and cuisines from around the world. Nowhere else will you find Sephardic grape leaves and delicious Sabikh next to a cart of authentic German schnitzel made from a hundred year old recipe by a devoted safta. Via Sabra goes beyond the regular Israeli culinary tours with our extraordinary chef- and foodie-led experiences, talks, and tastings from culinary experts. By the end of our trip, you’ll be a newly minted connoisseur, capable of answering “What is Israeli cuisine?” with relish.

Our CEO, Avihai Tsabari is a former restaurateur who has served guests from all over the globe at his business in Jaffa. He met world-renowned chefs like Mike Solomonov, Adeena Sussman, and Lior Lev Serkaz, who now work in close partnership with Via Sabra to research and curate tours (check out the trips they lead with us). Our hand-picked guides and food specialists share Avihai’s enthusiasm for great food and legendary Israeli hospitality, whether on a Carmel Market food tour or Jerusalem Shuk tour (or a full on multi-day journey). Join us for an Israel food tour in our next wine tasting in the Galilee or a Moroccan couscous workshop with Avihai’s mother.


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