Types of Tours We Offer in Israel

At Via Sabra, we cater to a wide range of different types of travelers.

Choose which type of tour best suits your requirements.

Muddy travelers jumping for joy at the dead sea in Israel

Our scheduled multi-day tours for small groups can be joined by anyone. We run a number of these throughout the year at predetermined dates and each one offers you a different type of experience in Israel.

Man at a counter serving Israeli food

Led by our chefs or food specialists, our culinary journeys let you experience a real taste of Israel. You’re welcome to join a scheduled tour or we can plan a bespoke tour with you.

Family in the desert in Israel

Our bespoke family journeys cater to the wishes and requirements of each family member. We will bring your family closer with memories made in Israel that will last a lifetime.

Bar Mitzvah

We create totally unique Bar or Bat Mitzvah trips in Israel that balance spiritual Jewish traditions with personalized adventures. Let your thirteen-year-old experience the Bar/Bat Mitzvah of a lifetime.

Several hikers walking through a rocky landscape in Israel.

Via Sabra offers an 11 day (or as many days as you like!) hike-and-drive down the best and most beautiful parts of the Israel Trail. Suitable for almost all fitness levels (even non-hikers!).

Our sister company Israel4All is the leading accessible tour company in Israel. We help guests responsibly explore the wonders of Israel regardless of physical limitations, disabilities, or age.

Two street musicians in Israel playing horns and holding other instruments.

Via Sabra works with Rabbis, Board Members, Education Directors and more to balance old favorites and historical heritage sites with the newest local attractions made popular by everyday Israelis.

A woman in a synagogue in Israel.

We develop custom journeys that enable diverse congregants to bond with one another and with Israel. Our team have worked with synagogues like yours—in North America and across the globe.

Jewish federation travelers in Israel.

Our happy clients are Federation professionals, organization directors and foundation officers. They return to us time and again—because we blaze a new trail for every group visit they plan to Israel.

The inside of a church in Israel.

Walk where Jesus walked, visit Biblical sites, and meet the locals of modern Nazareth with our Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. We help guests strengthen their spiritual community by visiting local holy sites.


An Israelie tour guide explaning something to a group of tourists.

For guests seeking a bite-sized Israeli experience we offer the same enthusiastic service and dedicated hospitality as on our longer adventures, condensed and focused to fit your schedule.


Small group tours to israel

Relish the intimacy of a small group tour, forging deeper connections with your companions whilst you discover hidden jewels and savor Israel as locals do, with insights that transcend the ordinary.


jewish tours to israel

Embark on a soul-stirring journey to Israel! Dive deep into the rich tapestry of your Jewish roots while immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of this ancient land.


Step into the pages of the Bible and walk the very paths Jesus once walked. Let Via Sabra guide you on a divine pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where every stone and corner whispers tales of faith and miracles.


group tours to israel

Imagine standing atop a hill, gazing at Israel’s sprawling landscapes, feeling the pulse of its rich history, and savoring the tantalizing aromas of its street markets. With Via Sabra, this dream can be your next adventure!


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