Step Into The Wild With Our Israel Trail Tours

"Walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it"

(Gen. 13:17)

When our CEO, Avihai Tsabari, walked the Israel Trail, 700 miles in 54 days, it changed his life. To share this remarkable journey, Via Sabra offers an 11 day (or as many days as you like!) hike-and-drive down the best and most beautiful parts of the Israel Trail. Traveling from the very top of Israel to the farthest point south on the trail, guests take in a stunning and comprehensive view of our incredible country.

Our Israel National Trail tours are mindful of COVID-19, observing all outdoor and social distance requirements to experience Israel as safely as possible.

What we do:

We open by leading guests in the Shehechiyanu, a Jewish blessing for the miracle of the moment, and a “Compass Ceremony” to center our journey. Via Sabra invites guests on half or full-day walking tours trekking Israel, including Tel Dan Nature Reserve, Mount Meron, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Negev, and Ramon Crater. For half-day hikers, the second part of our days are dedicated to learning about Israel from diverse experts and eating at local hotspots. Sleep at hotels, kibbutzim and unders the stars at beautiful glamping sites throughout our adventure. 

Early bird special - $200 off per person.

Available only between October 1-10, 2021!!

Registration for the trip will open on October 1. Fill out this form to be notified when registration for the trip opens, so you can take advantage of early bird special pricing!

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