Our Sustainable and Responsible Tours

"Look at My works! How beautiful and praiseworthy they are. Everything that I have created, I created for you. Take care not to damage and destroy my world, for if you destroy it, there is no one to repair it after you."
(Midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7:13)

At Via Sabra, we don’t only plan your trip, but also look ahead to the future trips your grandchildren and great grandchildren will take to this beautiful country.

This outlook led us to develop a new, more sustainable way to travel here.  Making your trip more sustainable not only supports the environment, natural resources, and local small businesses that create the amazing mosaic called Israel, but also allows you to travel in a more authentic way.  The deep, unmediated experience of authentic Israel and her people is enveloped in a concern for the health of the environment. 

There are many ways to make your trip more sustainable, and each one of these have a different charm. From using public transportation, meeting locals, and supporting small ecosystem-based farms, to exploring arts, food, and nature off the beaten track, it’s not the classic highlights tour, but a very classic and ‘classy’ way to travel.  

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