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Imagine standing atop a hill, gazing at Israel’s sprawling landscapes, feeling the pulse of its rich history, and savoring the tantalizing aromas of its street markets. With Via Sabra, this dream can be your next adventure!

From the sacred whispers of the Promised Land’s holy sites to the vibrant hum of Jerusalem’s bustling markets and the wide-open landscapes of the iconic Israel National Trail, our group tours are crafted to quench every traveler’s thirst for discovery. We understand that every group is unique and our itineraries are tailored to ensure accessibility and comfort for all.

From the moment you embark on this journey with us until the moment you bid adieu to Israel’s golden horizons, with Via Sabra, every detail is carefully curated. Revel in exclusive accommodations, feast on authentic Israeli delicacies, and let our seasoned guides weave tales that breathe life into the very soil you tread upon. Their narratives will not only illuminate the well-known sites but also unveil hidden treasures that remain elusive to the ordinary visitor.

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In 2012, a passionate traveler, Avihai Tsabari, founded Via Sabra with a vision to offer visitors a genuine taste of Israel. Traversing every nook and cranny of this land, he curated itineraries that are more experiences than tours.

Today, the echoes of our guests’ joyous testimonials testify to our commitment and quality.. At Via Sabra, we engage all your senses in Israel: we help you feel, taste, and live it. Join us and make memories that will be etched in your heart forever.

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Unique and insightful

Via Sabra put together such a unique and meaningful experience for our group. Having visited Israel multiple times, I was so impressed how they set up intimate experiences with businesses, families, leaders and organizations to get “inside” the themes we focused on and hear the real, lived experiences from people in their communities.

Beyond the incredible itinerary, the logistics and details were flawless, down to dietary needs (gluten-free, allergies) and accommodating those in our group with mobility limitations so they could fully participate. A+.


Lisa C.
via Tripadvisor

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