Spring updates and new ways you can support Israel with Via Sabra

Dear friends,

With the Spring season upon us, the warming sun is starting to pierce through weeks of rain here in Israel. It’s symbolic of course. Headlines with heartbreaking stories of war, injured and dead; and hostage deal updates without real progress, paint our days with the winter greys of sadness and fill us with despair.

And yet, you continue to uplift us. Like the local greenery growing on the Northern mountains and the wild flowers blooming in the Southern valleys, your choosing to come to Israel on solidarity trips and to purchases our gift boxes, pierce through the darkness and strengthen our resolve.

We applaud and hug those of you who have elected to join a winter solidarity trip to Israel; and we cheer for those of you who were quick to buy – and sellout – our Purim Gift Boxes.

You help us keep going and we continue to be grateful for your words and actions of support. We also continue to be inspired by you to create new opportunities to engage you with what’s happening here and to amplify the voices of our Israeli partners, small business owners, guides, creators, and social change makers. We want you to have the stories of the real Israel, the resilient and bold, in your hearts and homes whether you’re here with us or around the world.

With the hope for peace and the freedom of all hostages in our hearts this Spring, we’re excited to share with you two new initiatives:

  • Our Gift Boxes are back and this time with curated items to celebrate Passover – from the Seder to Mimouna and other local traditions – it’s a Gift Box you won’t want to miss. Click here for more!
  • Our specially-planned Via Sabra Solidarity Mission to Israel will incorporate Israel’s National Holidays in May into its storytelling and itinerary. Read the full itinerary here!

You’ll find more information on both these initiatives linked below and on our social media. Please be in touch with us for more information and share our work with your circles for added impact.

We look forward to hearing from you and share our enduring hopes for peaceful days ahead for all,

Your Via Sabra Family

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