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From $4,190 per person
Upcoming Date
09 May 2024 - 15 May 2024
Tour Time
7 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)

The events of October 7 have forced Israel to rethink every aspect of life. As we approach Israel’s national holidays following this significant moment, we are met with a whirlwind of emotions. How can we fully grasp the magnitude of our loss on Yom Hazikaron? And how do we find meaning in celebrating our hard-won independence amidst these challenges?

We invite you to be part of a small group as we navigate this complex terrain with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Together, bear witness to our collective experiences, engage in acts of solidarity and volunteering, and celebrate the spirit of community and resilience with Israel. These are times of change, but also opportunities for deeper connections, reflection, and understanding.

Important information

The itinerary is subject to change based on the number of people in the group, security situation and unforeseen circumstances.
Single supplement - $850.
Upgrade to a 5* hotel option is available upon request.


1 - Thursday ( May 9 ) : Thank You For Being Here



  • Welcome to Israel - Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.

  • Check-in to the hotel - Airport transfer to Tel Aviv can be arranged (not included). Please note: check-in time is from 3:00 PM.

  • Meet at the hotel lobby for reception and introduction - Get to know your tour guide and group fellow members.

  • Israel update on the situation with a local journalist - A lecture and open discussion about Israel's current events from a guest speaker.

  • Welcome group dinner at a local restaurant

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: welcome dinner

2 - Friday ( May 10 ) : Understanding and Volunteering in the Gaza Envelope



  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Depart south to the Gaza Envelope "Otef Aza"

  • Stop at the Super Nova Festival Memorial Site - At Re'im Forest stop and bear witness to the tragedy of the Nova Festival.

  • Meet soldiers at Shuva Achim Hospitality Tent - What started as a field hospital at the beginning of the war in Moshav Shuva, turned into an incredible refreshment spot for soldiers, where they give out clothes, goodies and hot meals to the soldiers serving the in the Gaza Envelope. The name "Shuva Achim" means in Hebrew return brothers (and sisters) - praying that all soldiers will return home peacefully. You will help with what is needed, meet soldiers for a casual talk and show your appreciation.

  • Lookout and geo-political brief - Stop at key lookout point for an in-depth discussion of the complexity of the Gaza Border situation.

  • Lunch and home hospitality hosted by Osi Lankri - Recognized as one of Ofakim's "Culinary Queens," Osi invites you to savor a home-cooked meal in her beautiful home. While enjoying the culinary experience, listen to her personal stories about life in the Envelope, her birthplace and hometown. Gain insights into how the October 7th attack affected her home, family, and neighborhood.

  • Travel back to Tel Aviv and time to rest.

  • Visit The Square of the Kidnapped and Missing - See the powerful art created by various artists, including the Shabbat Table set for 200 missing Israelis, to show support and shine a spotlight on the importance of rescuing the lives of those abducted to Gaza. (Hopefully, by the time of this mission, all of the hostages will have been released and back home with their families.)

  • Kabbalat Shabbat - welcoming the Sabbath together

  • Shabbat Friday Night Dinner

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, Shabbat Friday night group dinner

3 - Saturday ( May 11 ) : Cultural Tapestry and Shared Society in the Galilee



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Depart north. - Please note: those who observe Shabbat can stay at the hotel for a restful day and an alternative urban walking tour near the hotel.

  • Begin the day with a nature hike - Go on a beautiful light nature walk and get introduced to mindfulness exercises and nature as therapy.

  • Light lunch and wine tastings in a local winery

  • Embark on a unique journey of hope with Maoz Inon - Traversing the enchanting streets of Nazareth's Old City. Amidst individual and communal challenges, it's crucial to spotlight the transformative power that cross-community partnerships can yield. Maoz personal experience in Nazareth is a true testament to that power. Inspired by the partnerships you will observe, one can collectively shape a lasting vision of hope and cooperation. Inon's parents were murdered in their home on October 7 by Hamas terrorists. Amid his grief, the tragic loss and war have not quashed his compassion and hope for peace.

  • Druze home hospitality and speak with Druze soldiers - Together with your hosts in their private home, prepare traditional Druze Galilean dishes and then enjoy a meal of the foods you learned to cook. Get to know your hosts and their culture and history. Hear about the strong bond between the Druze community to the State of Israel and their contribution to the IDF. Dinner is included.

  • Travel back to Tel Aviv.

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, wine tastings and light meal, dinner home hospitality

4 - Sunday ( May 12 ) : Shared Story



  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Volunteering together - Based on the needs at the time.

  • Lunch and break - (meal not included)

  • Stop at Machal Memorial - The Machal Memorial dedicated in 1993, was created to honor volunteers who came from outside of Israel to fight on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. The memorial is made up of the letters Mem, Chet and Lamed, forming the word Machal. Discuss the roll of volunteering in the history of Jewish peoplehood in the past and present.

  • Zikaron, Memory - how do we tell a story? - During this program, we will unfold the essential concept of memory in Jewish tradition and modern Israel in particular.

  • Drive to Latrun and hear about the story behind the Israeli Burma Road - A road that was formed during the Independence War as part of the struggle to break into Jerusalem and stop the siege. The mission of the new born IDF was to make sure Jerusalem is part of the new Jewish state.

  • Join The Eve of Memorial Day Ceremony at Latrun - Join an English-speaking ceremony marking the beginning of Yom Hazikaron - the Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers and Terror Victims.

  • Light dinner.

  • Travel back to Tel Aviv.

  • Optional: join Songs in the Square - An emotional music performance that became a tradition. Some of Israel's best artists sing together Hebrew songs in Rabin Square, videos are screened with the stories of the fallen who are told by relatives, in honor of the brave sons and daughters who gave their lives defending the one and only Jewish state.

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner

5 - Monday ( May 13 ) : Journey of Transition: Memorial to Independence



  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Yom Hazikaron late morning Ceremony at a local school

  • Pay tribute to the fallen soldiers and visit one of a local military cemetery - Hear stories of young people who served in the IDF and lost their lives in the battle of protecting their own country. Your guide will share personal stories and you will light candles in their memory.

  • Explore Street Art as a Reflection - - What stories do these images and words tell about the what has happened in Israel since October 7? What social issues are reflected in the art on the walls? What is unique about graffiti in Israel and Tel Aviv specifically? In this dynamic tour through Florentin, Tel Aviv's best-known neighborhood for graffiti, you will answer these questions, share your interpretations, and gain an appreciation for this expressive form of art.

  • Group lunch & break - Take time to process.

  • Havdala Ceremony - Bridging Yom Hazikaron to Yom Ha'atzmaut - Memorial Day is followed by Independence Day, forging an immediate connection between these two important national holidays. This transition holds profound significance yet remains challenging. As nascent holidays, their traditions evolve, embodying a dialogue between ancient Jewish customs and the contemporary Israeli identity. Within the unique spatial context, the Havdalah ceremony emerges - a poignant ritual marking the transition from mourning to celebration, from loss to life.

  • Celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut in the streets of Tel Aviv - Free evening and dinner on your own - Your guide will give you recommendations of where there are great events and live performances. We will be happy to give restaurant recommendations and assist with making reservations.

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

6 - Tuesday ( May 14 ) : Celebrating Israel's Independence



  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Start your day by witnessing Yom Ha'atzmaut Flyover Air Show - Annually, the Israeli Air Force soars over the country to commemorate Israel's Independence. Join the locals at the beach for prime viewing and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of celebration.

  • Free time & wind your way in the jubilant atmosphere of celebration in the streets of Tel Aviv

  • Visit ANU Museum of the Jewish People (optional) - The newly re-imagined ANU Museum of the Jewish People tells the story of the Jewish people through the generations and up to the present time. Dive into this dynamic and interactive experience that represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities throughout different periods of history. You will also visit the October Seventh Exhibition which examines how Israeli culture reacts to the war.

  • Afternoon walking tour along The Independence Trail - Established in 2018 as a tribute to Israel's 70th anniversary, is a fascinating journey of Tel Aviv's foundation and the sites pivotal to the birth of Israel. Walk the paths of pioneers, witness architectural styles that tell the story of the city's development, and delve into Israel's struggle and triumph stories. The trail offers a profound insight into the nation's remarkable history.

  • Al Ha'esh - Israeli barbecue dinner - The most visible part of the national celebrations will be a cloud of smoke hanging over the country from all the barbecue being held in every park. The dinner will be accompanied by soldiers with an opportunity to show appreciation and have a casual talk about their experiences.

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner

7 - Wednesday ( May 15 ) : Jerusalem - The Heart of the Jewish People, and Farewell



  • Breakfast at the hotel & check-out.

  • Drive to Jerusalem.

  • Volunteer at Metzilot Mazon - The Jerusalem Food Rescuers aims to create a more just and sustainable urban food system with less waste. Working with the wholesale market, they divert surplus produce that would have otherwise gone to waste and support communities that don’t have equitable access to food. Take part in their important roll and volunteer in sorting fruit and vegetables, while learning about sustainable food system.

  • Lunch break

  • Hamiffal - 100 Years of Art in Jerusalem - Step into a creative colorful lesser-known place - Hamiffal, "The Factory" is an art community that turned an abandoned 19th century building in the heart of Jerusalem into a shared platform for art and culture. This stunning space wraps itself around you with it's complexity and intrigue. Visit the current exhibitions, including "No Man's Land" which is part of a larger exhibition in collaboration with The Tower of David Museum - celebrating 100 years of art in Jerusalem.

  • Take time to reflect at the Kotel - Take time to reflect at the Kotel (The Western Wall), sacred because it is one of the last remnants of the Second Temple that was destroyed by the Romans. Feel the stones that have witnessed so much in the history of the Jews. Place your special and personal prayer in the cracks of the stones.

  • Closing program - Now is your opportunity to reflect on the time you’ve spent in Israel and to share the experiences and people you’ll want to remember most.

  • Farewell dinner

  • Group transfer to the airport & fly back home

  • We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country

Meal Plan: breakfast, Farewell Dinner


What are check-in /check-out times?

Sunday through Friday, check-in time is generally 3PM. On Saturday, check-out is usually one hour after sunset (the end of Shabbat). These times may change depending on the season. It is important to note however, that check-in on Saturday will be at night (usually 2 hours after Shabbat ends - sunset). Check-out is generally before noon, no matter the day of the week (except Shabbat). Please take into consideration the check-in / check-out times when scheduling your flights. In most instances, we are able to arrange for early check-in / late check-out when needed.

Are there special travel insurance guidelines during this time?

It is a requirement that trip insurance be purchased. At this time, not all carriers will provide such insurance for travel to Israel.  It is important to make sure that the policy includes coverage for “cancel for any reason” and specifies war and terrorism in the categories of "cancel for any reason". In all events, insurance should be purchased to cover the full cost of the tour, including flights.  We understand that the following company offers this type of policy. You are welcome to contact and receive a proposal from Travel Guard, through this link.

Terms of Payment

To confirm your reservation, registration is mandatory. Once registered, you will pay the initial deposit and will receive the terms and conditions within 48 hours, which must be acknowledged to complete your booking. After such acknowledgment and payment of non-refundable deposit, registration will be complete. 

An invoice for the balance of the trip’s cost will be issued, with payment expected upon receipt, 2 weeks prior to departure.

Please note: The itinerary is susceptible to modifications due to unforeseen factors such as supplier updates, weather conditions, government restrictions, and other necessary adjustments based on on-site conditions.

Click here to read the full document of Terms and Conditions related to this solidarity trip.

Cancellation Policy

Booking can be cancelled within 48 hours after registration with a full refund.

Due to the nature of this trip and the current situation, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, any funds paid will be non-refundable at time of payment regardless of if the trip can proceed.

If the trip cancels due to the current situation, land tour funds will be available as a future credit only. Should the cancelation policy be updated, new registrations received after that change will be subject to updated rules.

In order to limit the traveler’s liability, deposit will be due upon registration for the tour, and balance will be due no more than 2 weeks prior to the trip.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

What’s Included
Speakers and activities v
Hotel accommodations for 6 nights at the Tal Hotel Tel Aviv v
Transportation throughout the trip to all programmed activities v
A private, licensed, English speaking tour guide v
Meals as listed in the meal plan at the end of each day v
Bottles of water, as needed, and snacks v
Group transfer to the airport on departure v
Private transfer upon arrival v
Tips for tour guides and drivers v
Airfare v
Travel Insurance (recommended) v

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