Keep Your Kids Happy On Vacation In Israel With These 4 Local Secrets

written by: Mari Pack 

Israelis understand kids. We’re big kids ourselves sometimes! We love laughter and noise and adventure and fun. We know what keeps the young and the young at heart smiling in our corner of the world. 

Schedule a trip with Via Sabra, and we’ll show you how the secret to a happy vacation with kids is embracing the Israeli way of life. 

1. Don’t Stress 

Israelis fly by the seat of our pants. We travel to Europe last minute on cheap airline tickets, pick up snorkeling one weekend in Cyprus for thrills, climb a mountain just because. Is everyone still standing? Not too badly sunburned? Kol b’seder, my friend. It’s all good. 

When you book with Via Sabra, we take care of all the details; from guiding you seamlessly between hotels to meeting local artists and taste-makers to quick money conversion and elite restaurant experiences. No need to stress. We sweat the small stuff so you and your kids can focus on fun, just like the locals. 

2. Be Flexible

Local schools from Jerusalem to Tzfat are often described by Israelis as balagan, or ‘crazy mess.’ That might seem overwhelming in the West, but here in Israel, we believe the key to raising happy kids is embracing the chaos. Be flexible! 

Via Sabra understands that your nineteen-year-old son might not adore a trip to (another) ancient synagogue with Grandma. A nine-year-old girl isn’t crazy about plans to visit the Caesarea ruins. Let us take your son on a street art tour of Tel Aviv with one of our guides. We’ll make sure your daughter has the best time at the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens while Mom and Grandma take in Modi’in. 

Remember, vacation is a break from school. No kid is going to enjoy a rigorously scheduled trip to the Holy Land. Own the wiggle-room. We’ve got your back. 

3. Take Kids Needs Seriously 

Israelis are obsessed with our large families. We learn from an early age that we’re part of something bigger; a people, a nation. At Via Sabra, we treat your family like our family. We make it our priority to speak with everyone — including the youngest! — to create an itinerary that caters to all needs. Maybe that means a special kid trip through the underground passageways of Jerusalem or a skateboard session in Tel Aviv. 

It’s important for us to understand who your children are, what they like, and how to make their trip something special. 

4. Go to the Beach 

When all else fails, go to the beach. Really! Kids bickering? Beach. Tired of listening to guides? Beach. Their feet hurt? Beach. For Israelis, the beach is our reset button, a chance to let go and just chill. We’re a little spoiled. Israelis enjoy 316 sunny days a year on average (and 360 in the southern city of Eilat). Trust us, the beach is always an option, and our guides know all the best secret beaches. 

Tel Aviv beach full of sun umbrellas

Let Via Sabra take care of you. We believe the cure for grumpy kids might just be a little sun and sand. It’s the Israeli way!

Want to learn more? We’d love to make your family trip to Israel something special. Contact us here 

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