Embrace the August Heat in Israel With These Insider Tips

Israel has the perfect climate to visit at all times of the year – including the peak of the summer in August. Israelis are famous for embracing the heat and we’re here to share with you the hottest attractions Israel has to offer each August. Experience the Israeli summer like a local with these insider tips:


First things first: hit the beaches

Tel Aviv Beach

Israel boasts 170 miles of beautiful coastline and during a month that guarantees only sunny skies, the beach is the perfect place to enjoy a hot August day. And at this point in the season, the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect temperature. Be sure to bring plenty of water and slices of watermelon – the official summer snack of Israel. If you really want to enjoy the beach like a local, join in on a friendly game of matkot (a beach paddle ball game)!


Indulge in (many an) “ice cafe”

Coffee slushy

Ask any Israeli, and they’ll say that Israel’s signature summer beverage is hands down the “ice cafe.” We’re not talking about your regular iced coffee (which in Israel is called “cold coffee” or “cafe kar” and is also delicious) – we’re talking about a frozen coffee shake. Light and fluffy on top, these slushy-like shakes are sold at nearly every coffee shop during the summer months. We at Via Sabra are the first to understand the importance of a cold summer drink!


Explore the Sorek Cave

Soreq Cave

Workers at a limestone quarry outside of Jerusalem were given a surprise of their lives over 50 years ago when they discovered a cave full of incredible stalactites and stalagmites. Scientists estimate some of them to be up to 300,000 years old! The cave has since been outfitted with walkways and lights so that visitors can view these enormous geologic features. This site is the perfect place to visit in August as the cool shade of the cave is very refreshing. Sorek Cave is family friendly and also offers guided tours.


Cool off on a water hike

Israelis are extra grateful for rainy winters when August arrives, as the melted snow from the Hermon Mountain trickles down and feeds a number of main streams in northern Israel. The result? An abundance of incredible water hikes. One popular water hike is at Tel Dan, where it is common to see Israelis wading their way ankle deep through cool water, under a thick canopy of trees. Tel Dan has an accessible trail, for those who have special traveling needs or are traveling with kids. In fact, we at Via Sabra ensure all visitors can experience Israel to its maximum, no matter age, limitations or disabilities.

You can also stop over at Yehudiya Nature Reserve, known for its large and deep natural pools. Slip on a pair of waterproof Shoresh sandals and enjoy the refreshingly cool (and sometimes frigid!) water along these trails.


Kayak your way down the Jordan River

Jordan River Kayaking

Hop on over to the Jordan River and kayak your way down! Or, if you want to be super adventurous, you can go whitewater rafting down the Jordan River as well. The river’s cool water is also thanks to the winter rains and melted snow from the Hermon. As you make your way down the river, you’ll be sure to notice families barbequing and picnicking along the river’s banks. Most likely, they will wave and say hi!


Watch a movie in Jaffa under the stars

Jaffa Outdoor Cinema

August evenings are warm and balmy; and Israelis continue to take advantage of the long summer days well into the night. In fact, Augusts in Jaffa have become synonymous with their famous movie nights. Once a week, a giant projector is set up against the beautiful backdrop of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa coastline. Hundreds of people show up to enjoy a film outdoors (for free), while basking in the Mediteranean sunset. In the past, movies such as Wonder Woman, Batman and Zoolander were screened. Jaffa movie nights are perfect for the family and a wonderful way to end an eventful day.


Sip beer at Jerusalem’s annual Beer Festival

Jerusalem Beer Festival

© Jerusalem Beer Festival

August is the month of summer festivals, and Jerusalem’s famous Beer Festival is one of the more popular summer events. Located at Independence Park, tourists and locals alike sample their way through a wide variety of local and imported beers. Show up hungry, as the festival also offers tasty food and live music. With over 120 types of beer being offered, the Jerusalem Beer Festival has gained international attention and has put Israel on the map in the beer industry.


Get your jazz fix at Eilat’s Red Sea Jazz Festival

Red Sea Jazz Festival

© Red Sea Jazz Festival

Eilat’s Red Sea Jazz Festival is a weekend long music event that is not to be missed. Featuring three full days of nonstop jazz by acclaimed local and international jazz artists and an all night jam session, the Red Sea Jazz Festival is without a doubt, the pinnacle of the summer season in Eilat. During the previous festival in 2019, featured artists included: Avishai Cohen, Buika, Ari Hoenig Trio, Marquis Hill Blacktet, Diego El Cigala, Roy Hargrove Tribute, Piano Knights, Enrico Rava, the Danny Rosenfeld Octet and others.


Cool off in the AC at one of Israel’s many museums

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

We get it, sometimes you need to take a break from the sun and cool off in the air conditioning. But luckily for you, you can do so while enjoying fantastic art and history at one of Israel’s many museums. In Tel Aviv, be sure to stop over at the acclaimed Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Celebrated as Israel’s first art museum, visitors can appreciate the best of Israeli art. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art features a diverse range of contemporary art, including interactive exhibits. The museum is also centrally located, within walking distance of many of Tel Aviv’s main attractions.

Not in Tel Aviv? Not to worry – check out a full list of museums in Israel here.

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