11 Instagram Accounts to Follow Before You Travel to Israel

Your trip to Israel is coming up. You’ve booked tickets, made plans, bought sunscreen. Time to imagine big! Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram accounts to get in the mood, get inspired, and get ready to experience incredible Israel. 


Mike Solomonov is a chef, friend to Via Sabra, and collaborator on some of our culinary tours. His account is full of delicious Israeli dishes, locally grown vegetables, and friends and family. It’s easy to be delighted by images of bright foods, and we thoroughly recommend having a good scroll. Mike’s Instagram should also give you a good idea of the type of people Israelis are: fun-loving, family-loving, food-loving.

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Linked to the Time Out Israel blog, this Instagram is a reliable source of aspirational images and beautifully curated adventures with a healthy number of Israeli or Jewish celebrity features. Enjoy unmatched aerial views, and read the captions for facts and tidbits on the culture and history of Israel.

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If you want to get excited about yummy Israeli confectionaries, Natalie Levin is your girl. This 35-year-old confectioner learned to bake from her grandmothers, and now writes her own books while developing dessert menus for restaurants around Israel. Her Instagram is packed with pictures of incredible creations, from bread and challahs to date balls and macaroon cakes. 

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Evyatar Dayan is a street photographer who documents — you guessed it — Tel Aviv. His lens captures the charm of daily life; sweet couples kissing on bikes, open-shirted Arsim, beautiful street art, and dogs. Lots of dogs. This wonderful, weird vision of Tel Aviv is perfect for travelers looking to get excited about out-of-the-box Israel. 

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Restauranter Guy Gamzo posts plenty of fresh delicious Israeli dishes from his Telavivian restaurant, Aria. His personal Instagram also includes sunsets and hilltops, Israeli street photography, and cute pictures of his friends and family. Can you say incredible slice-of-daily-life vibes?

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The official account for the city of Jerusalem lives up to the hype. Click through pictures of the Old City, markets, religious festivities, and…is that you, Santa Claus? Get hyped about eating donuts next to palm trees at Hanukkah, walking through the Western Wall tunnels, listening to street musicians, and celebrating a low-key Shabbat.  

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Tamar Shamir is an Urban Planner and Advisor for National Infrastructure, and her Instagram reflects a deep knowledge of city life in Tel Aviv. Enjoy vicarious cafe hopping, drinking wine at sunset, perusing beautiful architecture, and scouring urban markets. Whimsical and fun, this Instagram will thrill dreamers. 

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Did someone say…expresso? Coffee lovers, rejoice! Tel Avivian blogger Arden Rubens snaps coffee (and food, plants, the sealine) for her timeline. Get excited. Get caffeinated. Plot your next cafe cruise through the city. 

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Learn about one of Israel’s lesser-known communities, African asylum seekers and persons without civil status in Jerusalem. Enjoy plenty of pictures of cute kids, as well as community highlights and graphics. This account also translates all Hebrew captions to English for easy reading. 

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A post shared by Jerusalem African Community CR (@jaccisrael)


Israelis have influencers, too. Yael Kimelman calls herself a “former influencer, now just a bad influence.” Her account features gorgeous stylings for those curious about leisure and fashion in Israel. Scroll past plenty of graceful selfies, boho daywear photoshoots, and images reminiscent of Vogue

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If nightlife is your jam, check out this account by photographer Emily Kor. Get a taste of the sometimes quirky, sometimes wild, always unexpected life of Tel Aviv’s partiers. We would never encourage our guests to search out a bad time in Tel Aviv…unless, of course, it looks like this.    

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Ready to explore Israel yourself? Have a look at our upcoming tours!

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