The Golden Ticket to Life After Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccinations: The “Green Passport”
By: Elana Lubka
January 24, 2021
2021 is finally here and along with it, the much anticipated Covid-19 vaccinations. While Israel continues to quickly administer vaccinations to its citizens, Israel’s Ministry of Health has been simultaneously planning for what “normal”  life might look like for residents after they have received those two precious doses. Opting to take the incentivizing route, the […]
Your Israel Bucket List Post Covid-19
By: Elana Lubka
January 20, 2021
It’s only a matter of time until Covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted, which means that your dream of returning to Israel can soon become a reality. We are as excited as you are and have been preparing a list of ‘must dos’ for you and your family during your next trip to Israel. However, this […]
Keep Your Kids Happy On Vacation In Israel With These 4 Local Secrets
January 5, 2021
written by: Mari Pack Israelis understand kids. We’re big kids ourselves sometimes! We love laughter and noise and adventure and fun. We know what keeps the young and the young at heart smiling in our corner of the world. Schedule a trip with Via Sabra, and we’ll show you how the secret to a happy vacation with […]
An Authentic Taste of Israel – From Your Living Room
By: Elana L.
January 4, 2021
Your tickets are booked, you found your passport, but your trip to Israel is still months away. If you are eager to get a taste of Israel before boarding the plane, read on – this is for you! Israel has been releasing a steady stream of incredible television, stunning its now international audience. And major […]

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