Price range
From $7430 per person
Upcoming Date
27-05 December 2022
Tour Time
9 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)


Meet with leading Israeli wine makers
Cheese workshop and tastings
Market culinary tours
Visit to Haifa
Israeli art tour with a local artist
Single supplement US $2,200


1 - Sunday (November 27) : Welcome to Israel



  • Welcome to Israel - arrival at BNG Airport - Your VIP agent will be waiting to greet you at the sleeve of the plane. After assisting with arrival procedures, collecting your baggage, and relevant Covid testing, you will be taken to meet your driver.

  • Drive to Jerusalem and check-in to your hotel

  • Enjoy a day to relax from the long flight and explore on own

  • Dinner on own - Suggestions and reservations can be made.

  • Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room

Overnight: Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room

2 - Monday (November 28) : Jerusalem Flavors



  • Breakfast at your hotel - Every morning you'll enjoy a delicious Israeli buffet breakfast at your hotel.

  • Begin your trip with a tour of the sacred and fascinating Temple Mount - Also known to Muslims as the Haram esh-Sharif and the Al Aqsa Compound is a hill located in the Old City of Jerusalem that for thousands of years has been venerated as a holy site, in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike.

  • Taste of History - Historical and Tasting Tour of Jerusalem Old City - Since the 19th century Jerusalem's Old City has traditionally been divided into four quarters; Jewish, Christian, Moslem and Armenian. Walk through the Old City seeing the historical and religious sites. See some off-the-beaten track sites in the winding alleyways and enjoy some Jerusalem delicacies. We will have a “taste of history” that interweaves stories and anecdotes, historical information and, of course, combine the senses of smell, taste, and sound

  • Continue with a tour of the famous Machane Yehuda Market - In the heart of Jerusalem, a bustling multi-ethnic market bursting with life, art, and flavor, a tasting tour through Mahane Yehuda market is an adventure for your taste buds. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all the rich fragrances, colors, and sounds this iconic Jerusalem market offers.

  • Dinner on own

  • Music event: International Oud Festival TBC - Closer to the trip we will be able to check what music events will be on in Jerusalem and will share the information with you.

  • Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room

Overnight: Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room
Meal Plan: breakfast, market tours

3 - Tuesday (November 29) : Abundance



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Drive to Jerusalem Hills for a winery tour, wine tasting and meet the winemaker as well - Go on a tour and wine tasting at the winery.
    Pending on availability we will arrange an interesting meeting with one of the following winemakers:
    1. At Tzora Vineyards - meet the winemaker, Eran Pick, “Master of Wine.”
    2. At Domaine du Castel meet Eli Ben Zaken, founder and winemaker

  • Enjoy authentic lunch at Reshta Restaurant - Located in Ein Rafa village, Reshta chef restaurant is set among green fields in front of the breathtaking view. Offering authentic Arabic food, Reshta restaurant is named after a traditional lentil and noodles dish, which is made by the restaurant’s chef, Ranam Barhom, out of local produce, grown in the fields surrounding the restaurant.
    *pls note: there is no accessible toilet.

  • Proceed back to Jerusalem

  • Go to the lovely Ofaimme coffee shop at the unique Beit Hansen - At Offaime Restaurant you are invited to savor the food and take part in the move to flavorful, organic, and environmentally conscious agriculture. The restaurant focuses on handmade produce that is crafted slowly using traditional techniques to create food that is tasty and healthy and packaged with complete respect for the environment and for the people who take part in the creative process. The restaurant's unique setting in Beit Hansen brings another element to the experience - it sits in one of the first hospitals established in Jerusalem in the mid-19th century, by the Joint Anglican-German Protestant Community in Jerusalem.

  • Dinner on own

  • Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room

Overnight: Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, wine and cheese

4 - Wednesday (November 30) : Jerusalem New City



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Musical journey at the Hebrew Music Museum - Go on a musical journey through the world, across different cultures, historical periods and musical styles. Learn about the rare ancient musical instruments, observe and play music.

  • Continue with a tour of The Knesset - Israel's parliament, was named after “Haknesset Hagedolah,” the Great Assembly of the Second Temple period. Today it stands as a symbol of both Jewish sovereignty and dedication to democracy. In lively, often heated, debates, its 120 elected members reflect the divergence of Israeli public opinion, legislate and oversee the workings of the government.

  • Lunch suggestion: Cafe Shalva - Shalva is a Jerusalem based organization that provides services to children with special needs and their families. The café’s profits go back to the center and graduates of Shalva work at the café.

  • A visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem - Continue to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem and see the stunning Chagall Windows. Discuss the idea of biblical memory and the story of Marc Chagall. (20 min audio Guide with headphones)
    Private meeting that you might arrange on own.

  • Dinner on own

  • Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room

Overnight: Jerusalem: Orient Hotel, Orient Room
Meal Plan: breakfast

5 - Thursday (December 1) : The Land of Judea



  • Breakfast & check-out from hotel

  • Cheese making workshop at Iza Pziza Goat Farm - In Moshav Tal Shahar at the foot of the Jerusalem Mountains and the heart of the agricultural fields is a family goat farm called "Iza Pziza" which includes a small herd, a dairy and a visitors' center with a cheese shop. Enjoy a cheese-making workshop, taste cheese and meet the goats.

  • Continue to Soreq Wine Making School and Winery - Soreq winery was one of the first family owned-boutique wineries to be established in Israel. The winery and wine making school is located in the green valley of Judean plains and offers professional wine making studies. Meet one of the winemakers and hear about the story of the place, tour the lab, the vineyards and of course enjoy wine tasting as well. Meet Orna Lev wine maker for an interesting talk (pending on availability).

  • Head to Tel Aviv & check-in to your hotel

  • Enjoy afternoon at leisure

  • Dinner on own - Tel Aviv restaurants' suggestions and reservations can be made.

  • Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room

Overnight: Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room
Meal Plan: breakfast, cheese workshop, wine tasting

6 - Friday (December 2) : What These Shores Have Seen



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Drive along the coastal road to Akko - Tour the ancient city of Akko, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the oldest ports in the world, a city shared by Jews and Muslims. Walk narrow streets past towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, venerable synagogues, slender Muslim minarets, secret passageways. Discover the subterranean city built in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders beneath Akko. Learn about the city’s ancient history as well as its important role in Israel’s modern history.

  • Drive to Haifa and stop for a magnificent lookout of the Bahai Gardens - The Baha'i religion originated in Iran in the 19th century with two "Devine Messengers" - the Bab ("The Gate"), and the Baha' U'llah ("The Divine Light"). The Baha'i suffered severe persecution and in 1850 the Herald of the Baha'i faith, The Bab, was executed by Persian authorities. As a result, the community's main prophet - Baha' U'lla - and his 19 followers fled to the Land of Israel, where they were able to operate under the watchful eye of the Ottoman governor. in the 1950's, the Baha'i decided to build their World Center in Haifa: incredible gardens stretch on 19 terraces from the top of Mount Carmel to the bottom, with a golden-domed Shrine in the heart of it - the burial place of the Bab. The Gardens were recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.
    From the Louis Promenade, on the top of Mount Carmel, we will admire the stunning scenery. Nicknamed the Balcony of the Country, a 400 meter long promenade at the top of the Baha'i Gardens offers a view of the entire Haifa Bay, all the way to the border with Lebanon. This impressive spot offers a truly spectacular view, so have a camera ready!

  • Explore Wadi Nisnas - One of Haifa’s most colorful neighborhoods, full of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses, and the Wadi Nisnas market. It is a mixed neighborhood that captures the nature and atmosphere of the city of Haifa - a city of many faiths and communities, that live alongside each other in an exemplary co-existence. The Wadi Nisnas market is the place to go and experience some of the local flavors: taste pastries, spiced tea, the best falafel in Israel, and strong Turkish coffee, along with other delicatessens and aromas that will have your mouth watering.

  • Check out Haifa's food trucks scene - At Tel Shikmona, located on the beach front, stop for a light meal at one of the local successful food trucks and enjoy a lovely walk on the beach promenades.

  • Meet Naama Szterenlicht for dinner - Naama is a local tonic brewer and artisanal forager (pending on availability).

  • Proceed back to Tel Aviv

  • Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room

Overnight: Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner, food truck light meal

7 - Saturday (December 3) : Urban Tour



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Begin your day with an Israeli Art Tour - In this dynamic tour we'll figure out what makes Israeli art into what it is, and what’s it relationship with the Zionist narrative as well as the international art world. This tour through the extensive Israeli collection at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is an amazing way to visually explore the Israeli narrative from the early 20th century until today. What is the story the Arts Establishment tells about Israeli Art? You'll be guided by a local artist and art historian.

  • Lunch in Jaffa

  • Tour the American-German Colony - In 1866, a group of 150 Christian Americans from Maine and the New England region, led by the eccentric (some say charlatan) preacher George Adams, left the United States, where the Civil War had just ended. They carried with them their faith, and the materials to rebuild their houses in the Holy Land, sailing 42 days to the disease-ridden Middle East. Join a fascinating journey that weaves its way through religious fervor, nationalistic jingoism, renewal and modern speculation to create a uniquely Tel Aviv neighborhood. Today, the neighborhood has both crumbling ruins and new villas- meticulously preserved 150-year-old homes next to four-story buildings with luxury apartments. Visit the Maine Friendship House and Immanuel Church, walk through the surprising streets, and learn the stories of the place.

  • Exploring the urban renewal progress of Jaffa-Tel Aviv - In the area of northern Jaffa go on a urban tour to explore the renewed areas, architecture and hear about the future municipalities plans of this area. Continue with a tour of the American Colony - where you'll find both crumbling ruins and new villas- meticulously preserved 150-year-old homes next to four-story buildings with luxury apartments. Walk through the surprising streets, and learn the stories of the place. From there wind your way to the new Railway Park that is located in between the picturesque Neve Tzedek and the colorful Florentine neighborhood.

  • Dinner on own

  • Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room

Overnight: Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room
Meal Plan: breakfast

8 - Sunday (December 4) : Tel Aviv White City



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Start your morning with a visit of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation - A leading non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on developing and implementing unique and cutting-edge programs. The center presents the incredible story of Israel, the "innovation nation", and showcases the diverse fields and people behind Israeli innovation. Meet an entrepreneur and talk about what makes Israel a Start Up Nation and hear about their start-up (TBC).

  • Visit Asif: Culinary Institute of Israel - Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center in Tel Aviv dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel’s diverse and creative food culture, a joint venture of the New York City-based Jewish Food Society and Tel Aviv’s Start-Up Nation Central. At their café Get a light meal and drink there as well.

  • Bank of Israel - visitors center

  • Afternoon go on an architecture tour of The White City - Tel Aviv has more Bauhaus buildings that any other city in the world, so many that it is designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. The buildings were designed by Bauhaus architects who immigrated to Israel from Europe in the 1930s and were influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. Some 4000 Bauhaus buildings were built in the 1930s – a development which turned the city center into a quasi "open air Bauhaus museum" and earned Tel Aviv the nickname “White City.”

  • Farewell dinner

  • Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room

Overnight: Tel Aviv: The Jaffa, Dlx Balcony Room
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

9 - Monday (December 5) : Farewell



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Food tour at Levinsky Market - The market specializes in spices and Mediterranean delicacies. It is, in many ways, the best market in Tel Aviv, for its variety, freshness and special atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a rare Indian spice or some good quality saffron - this is the place. Shops offer a cornucopia of excellent cheeses, smoked fish, wines and other delicacies. Tour the market and have "tastings" throughout.

  • Check-out from hotel and drive to BNG Airport - A private driver will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the airport. Fly back home.
    We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country.

  • We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country

Overnight: We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country
Meal Plan: breakfast, tasting tour at levinsky market


Are medical and travel insurance necessary? Where can I purchase it?

Health Insurance

It is a condition of your booking through Via Sabra / Israel4All, as well as the State of Israel, that you obtain travel health insurance which includes coverage for COVID-19.

Travel Insurance

In addition, we strongly recommend that you purchase full travel insurance which includes coverage for ‘cancellation under any circumstances and for any reason’. It is recommended to purchase insurance as soon as the booking is made, as this cover is often dependent on purchasing as close to the time of booking.

You can purchase travel insurance with our partner, Travel Insured, an experienced company and one of the largest in the industry, through this link.

What happens if I need medical attention in Israel?

The level of medical care provided in Israel, as well as the facilities available, rank up top with the very best in Europe or the United States. There are excellent hospitals in all the major cities and many hotels have a doctor on call. It is required to purchase insurance that includes coverage for medical emergencies (including COVID-19 coverage). For information about travel insurance, please click here.

What is the situation with regard to COVID-19 in Israel?

The rules for entering Israel change often, and sometimes very quickly. At present, everyone, no matter their vaccination status, is allowed to enter Israel. No testing is required to enter Israel. This form must be completed with 10 days of your flight to Israel. 

**Please note that if one tests positive for COVID-19 at any time during their stay in Israel, a minimum of 5 days isolation is required.**

We know that these rules and regulations can be confusing. Have questions? Click here to set up a time to talk with us. We can answer any questions you might have and then help you plan your trip!

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Terms of Payment

Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 45 days prior to first day of trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours, with a full refund.

Should it be necessary to cancel or postpone the tour due to force majeure circumstances, or Israeli government-imposed/air flight restrictions related to COVID-19,  a full refund may be possible, minus a $200 per person service fee.

For cancellations made:

  • Up to 45 days prior to departure, any payments made above the deposit towards the tour will be refunded. The deposit is non-refundable
  • 45 to 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 29 to 8 days prior to departure, 25% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 7 to 0 days prior to departure, the client will incur 100% of the cost of the tour

Should members of a group booking cancel their participation, their deposits cannot be applied to the balance payment of other group members.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

What’s Included
Scooter rental throughout the trip v
Hotel accommodation v
A private, licensed, English speaking tour guide and transportation v
Meals as listed in the itinerary v
Transfers to and from the airport v
Fees for sites and activities listed v
Travel Insurance (recommended) v
COVID-19 health insurance coverage (required) v
Airfare v
“Best Vacation Ever! My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Israel. We've traveled domestically and overseas many times. This was absolutely the best trip we've ever taken. I know many people who have gone to Israel and made lots of recommendations to go here, go there, etc... Ros and the crew at Via Sabra were absolutely fantastic. From shaping the trip to meet our schedule, finances, desires, etc... Via Sabra hit the mark on the nose. They made the trip easy from the gitgo with VIP service to and from Israel; no long lines to wait in and an expert on both ends of the trip to help us navigate the airport, customs, passport control, VAT refunds, baggage and our transport to and from the airport. We had a magnificent guide, Mark Kedem, who was made the trip even more enjoyable; beyond our expectations. Mark has an uncanny knowledge of all aspects of Israel including the geography, history, architecture, food, how all the religions interact, etc. It was like a great history class in-country with great food. Mark also steered us to off the beaten path places and restaurants that were truly memorable and unique. We plan to go back to Israel soon (hopefully next year) and will definitely use Via Sabra and Mark again. They're worth every penny!!!!”
Joe M

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