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Upcoming Date
14-23 June 2023
Tour Time
10 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)


Culinary tour with a culinary expert guide
Explore the colorful and diverse communities in Israel through the food and personal encounters
Meals at the best restaurants in Israel
Winery tours and tastings
Israeli Art collection tour with a local artist and expert
Learn about the history of Tel Aviv through an architecture tour


1 - Wednesday (June 14) : WHAT IS ISRAELI CUISINE?



  • 3:00 PM Meet your group in the hotel lobby - Introduction to the trip with your guide.

  • “What makes Israel a unique culinary story?” - Meet Avihai Tsabari, founder of Via Sabra, who will open the trip with a conversation: “What makes Israel a unique culinary story?”

  • Machane Yehuda Market - In the heart of Jerusalem, a bustling multi-ethnic market bursting with life, art, and flavor, a tasting tour through Machane Yehuda Market is an adventure for your taste buds. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all the rich fragrances, colors, and sounds this iconic Jerusalem market offers.

  • Welcome dinner at Hatzot, - Which is a part of Jerusalem’s history. Two brothers, Abraham and Michael Ajami founded this landmark family restaurant in 1970. Located in one of the older neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Legend has it that Meurav Yerushalmi - the favorite Israeli mixed grill dish - was born at Hatzot Restaurant.

  • Jerusalem

Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: dinner

2 - Thursday (June 15) : Jerusalem of Gold



  • Breakfast at your hotel - Every morning you will enjoy a delicious buffet Israeli breakfast at the hotel.

  • Walking tour - culinary and multicultural tour of the Old City - Start your morning walking through the Old City we will tour the historical and religious sites of the Jewish and Christian and Muslim Quarters. See some off-the-beaten track sites in the winding alleyways and enjoy some Jerusalem delicacies. We will have a “taste of history” that interweaves stories and anecdotes, historical information and, of course, combine the senses of smell, taste, and sounds.

  • Proceed to the Kotel - Sacred because it is one of the last remnant of the Second Temple that was destroyed by the Romans. Feel the stones that have witnessed so much in the history of the Jews. Place your special and personal prayer in the cracks of the stones.

  • The Western Wall Tunnels - Explore what’s under the Kotel through the Kotel Tunnels Tour. The tour gives visitors a taste for the challenge that stood before Herod the Great during the biggest of all his immense building projects - the expansion of the Temple Mount.

  • Group dinner at on of Machneyuda Group's Resturants

  • Have you watched Shtisel? - A taste of the Ultra-Orthodox world-walk the streets of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, get to know the people and the food and feel the vibrations of this life. On a busy Thursday night, when people are preparing for Shabbat, gain a more complex appreciation for the people by listening to their music, visiting synagogues, and various institutions, seeing unique leisure, fashion, and art this world encompasses, and, of course by eating freshly baked challah.

  • Jerusalem

Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner, Old City market tour

3 - Friday (June 16) : Jerusalem Hills



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Ha'lechem shel Gael- Bread baking workshop - Get your hands into the dough and enjoy the fruits of your labor! The workshop will take place at Gael's home in Moshav Givat Ye'arim, located in the beautiful Jerusalem mountains.

  • Castel Winery - Castel’s philosophy and winemaking values are an inseparable part of the winery– harmony, esthetics, refinement, patience, elegance and precision; all these guide us when creating the wines we love to drink. Wines with a strong presence and stamina, but with a hint of “down to earth” modesty.

  • Lunch at Majda - Majda is a restaurant in the Jerusalem Hills village of Ein Rafa, famous for its innovative fusion cuisine, beautiful property and views from its rooftop and an appearance on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The menu is full of creative local dishes all prepared by Yakub and Michal, the Arab-Jewish couple who own Majda.

  • Proceed back to Jerusalem and prepare for Shabbat

  • Kabbalat Shabbat and Friday night service as a community

  • Shabbat Friday night dinner as a community

  • Jerusalem

Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner

4 - Saturday (June 17) : Shabbat Shalom!



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Today you will be able to choose from the following

  • Track 1: Tour of Masada and Dead Sea - Travel to the lowest place on earth. Ascend the mountain by a cable car to explore Masada, the scene of the epic stand by Jewish rebels at the end of the Great Revolt against Rome nearly 2,000 years ago. From there continue to one of the Dead Sea Hotel Resorts for lunch, swim and attempt floating.

  • Track 2: Visit the Israel museum (on own) - Visit the unique collections and expansive grounds of the Israel Museum, the country’s national museum. Linger over the renowned international and Israeli art, the world’s most complete Judaica collections and the charming Billy Rose Sculpture Garden. You can also visit the Shrine of the Book, home to the exceptional archaeological finds of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other rare ancient manuscripts.

  • Track 3: Shabbat at leisure - Relax, enjoy the hotel's facilities and explore the city on your own. We can happily arrange a private tour based on your interests.

  • In the evening: Tower of David Sound and Light Show - Amidst the archaeological remains in the David Citadel courtyard the story of Jerusalem unfolds through virtual reality images. The Night Spectacular uses trompe l'oeil technology – the stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the viewers are part of a multi-sensory experience.

  • Overnight: Jerusalem

Overnight: Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch at the Dead Sea

5 - Sunday (June 18) : Abundance



  • Breakfast & check-out from the hotel

  • Travel north throguh the Jordan Valley

  • Beit Shean-National Park - One of the main pagan towns during Roman rule of the region 2,000 years ago, and in the shadow of an important biblical city, Beit She’an contains a magnificent theater, Roman bathhouses, mosaics and more. It is considered one of the best preserved Roman sites in the region.

  • Meet with Uri Mayer Chizzik Sustainable Eating - Get to know local, wild food from nature– and dishes prepared today from food that has grown here throughout history with Dr. Meet Uri Mayer-Chissick, an expert on the history of local food and nutrition in the Middle-East and author of the Israeli guide to foraging wild edible plants.

  • Late lunch at Rutenberg restaurant - Situated on the banks of the Jordan, next to the old Gesher conservation site. The three bridges over the river and 10,000 years of human history attest to the fertility of the flora and fauna of the Jordan Valley. "We believe in seasonal local cuisine and are constantly in the process of discovering the region."

  • Travel to the hotel & check in - Enjoy the hotel's facilities. Take a walk to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) or jump in for an afternoon swim.

  • Dinner at the hotel on own

  • Galilee

Overnight: Galilee
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

6 - Monday (June 19) : Physical and Spiritual Heights



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Tour of Tzfat - Discover Tzfat which sits at a higher altitude than any other city in Israel and has been know-n since the 16th century as a major center of Kabbala, Jewish mysticism. The old synagogues, narrow alleyways, and artists’ studios add to the hilltop city’s unmistakable charm. You can wander around the artist quarter and find some beautiful galleries in the artist row.

  • Light lunch at Havat Rom - A visit to a magical organic farm, located on a mountain with a beautiful view of Meron Mountain. This is an agricultural organic farm, where they use ancient knowledge along with modern tools. Trying to find the balance between humans and nature. Enjoy a light meal from the fresh produce and excellent cheese.

  • For desert - visit La Chocolita - Learn how to make chocolate and taste the delicious handmade perleas in the boutique chocolate factory, located in the village of Peki'in.

  • Druze home hospitality - Together with your hosts in their private home, prepare traditional Druze Galilean dishes and then enjoy the feast you create. Learn about Druze culture and history from your hosts and from the food you eat.

  • Galilee

Overnight: Galilee
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, Druze home hospitality & dinner

7 - Tuesday (June 20) : What these shores Have seen



  • Breakfast & check-out from the hotel

  • Tour of Akko - The ancient city of Akko situation on the Mediterranean, is one of the oldest ports in the world, and a city shared by Jews and Muslims. Walk narrow streets past towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, venerable synagogues, slender Muslim minarets, and secret passageways. Discover the subterranean city built in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders beneath Akko. The local shuk (market place) is right in the center of the Old City and is a fun and vibrant bazaar full of fresh produce, cheap eats, spices, and souvenirs. Akko also has several of the best hummus spots in all of Israel which are a “must-taste.”

  • Visit the Tunisian Synagogue - The Or Torah Tunisian synagogue in Akko is unique even in a land of synagogues. Built by a community of Tunisian Jews from Djerba, it offers four stories of glorious mosaics and stained-glass windows both inside and out, showing a varied range of stories, plants, and animals.

  • Travel to Haifa and enjoy a food tour of Wadi Nisnas - Wadi Nisnas is one of Haifa’s most colorful neighborhoods, full of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses, and the Wadi Nisnas market. It is a mixed neighborhood that captures the nature and atmosphere of the city of Haifa - a city of many faiths and communities, that live alongside each other in an exemplary co-existence. The local market is the place to go and experience some of the local flavors: taste pastries, spiced tea, the best falafel in Israel, and strong Turkish coffee, along with other delicatessens and aromas that will have your mouth watering.

  • End your day with wine tastings and tour at Amphora Winery - The winery deserves the coveted title of Israel’s most beautiful vineyard and can compete with rural vineyards around the world. At the heart of Makura Farm on Moshav Kerem Maharal in the north, decorated with a stone mosaic and shaded by a red tile roof, is the lovely winery building, with the forested slopes of the Carmel mountain ridge in the background.

  • Travel along the coastline to Tel Aviv & check-in to your hotel

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner

8 - Wednesday (June 21) : Israeli Mosaic



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Everything Art - Tours and more with Shirel Horovitz - What is Israeli Art? Tour of the Tel Aviv Art Museum and art galleries with Shirel Horovitz. Shirel lectures, leads art tours, teaches art and is an art consultant to a variety of private groups and institutions among them Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.Learn about Israel's history through Israeli Art.

  • Carmel Market Tasting Tour - Continue to Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel), the largest market in Tel Aviv. Touring the market reveals the taste of the ages of Tel-Aviv in the youthful atmosphere of the city's central market. The Polish, the Persian, and the Yemeni... in this case, it is not the start of a joke, but the fascinating culinary traditions that mix in this place. The established market that was founded over 90 years ago, can now reveal its secrets, stories, and legends to you.

  • The Association for Urban Farming - This is a non-profit organization that aims to transform urban areas into self-sustaining food systems. Their goal is to create highly nutritious, locally grown produce that is accessible and available to all. Discover how the Association for Urban Farming has developed a large scale model, intended for replication, to increase local and sustainable food production and consumption in metropolitan areas.

  • Evening tour of Old Jaffa - On a walk through Jaffa, discover the ancient and modern situated side-by-side. Stroll through the alleyways of the Old City filled with artist studios as well as archaeological discoveries. Discover which Jewish and Christian stories took place in the city.

  • Dinner at Gueta - On Jaffa's Jerusalem Boulevard, across from the Gesher Theater, Gueta restaurant keeps to its traditional Tripoli style of cooking, using old recipes that have been passed through generations.

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner, Carmel Market tasting tour

9 - Thursday (June 22) : Desert Splendor



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Ptora olive oil press - Visit the family-owned boutique Ptora olive oil press. Learn about the history of producing olive oil in the Land of Israel, taste the high-quality local oils and hear about the family farming business located in Moshav Sde Moshe.

  • Naot Farm - Naot Desert Farm is one of the many havot bodedim (lone farms) built by Lea and Gadi Nahimov, modern-day pioneers who are making David Ben-Gurion’s vision of the desert blooming come to life. Visit the goats taste some delicious cheese.

  • Avdat National Park - Explore the desert at the Nabatean Spice Route at Avdat, which is over 2,000 years old. Learn the history of the desert’s significance on the culture and flavors of Israel.

  • Ramat Negev Agricultural R&D Center - Visit the R&D Visitor Center. Its main purpose is to encourage the development of agriculture in the peripheral areas, taking advantage of natural resources. Ramat Negev R&D focuses on developing advanced agriculture in arid conditions, irrigating with brackish water. After a short explanation visit a greenhouse of unique vegetable varieties.

  • Travel back to Tel Aviv

  • Farewell group dinner

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, dinner, Lunch at the goat cheese farm

10 - Friday (June 23) : Bringing it home



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Track 1: Independence Trail - Inspired by the Freedom Trail in Boston, the new Independence Trail leads to 10 of Tel Aviv’s heritage sites teaching visitors the history of this great city along the way. The trail begins at the intersection of tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street, home to Tel Aviv’s first kiosk. The trail ends across the street at Independence Hall, where on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion read aloud the Declaration of Independence as Israel was declared an independent Jewish state.

  • Track 2: Archetecture tour - Tel Aviv has more Bauhaus buildings that any other city in the world, so many that it is designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. The buildings were designed by Bauhaus architects who immigrated to Israel from Europe in the 1930s and were influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius.Some 4000 Bauhaus buildings were built in the 1930s – a development which turned the city center into a quasi "open air Bauhaus museum" and earned Tel Aviv the nickname “White City.”

  • Asif: Culinary Institute of Israel - Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center in Tel Aviv dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel’s diverse and creative food culture, a joint venture of the New York City-based Jewish Food Society and Tel Aviv’s Start-Up Nation Central.

  • Meet Ronit Vered - Together with Ronit Vered, an Israeli food writer, editor and cook book author and an expert on Israeli and Jewish cuisine, survey the future trends related to food in Israel.

  • Summary of the trip

  • Check out the street food (on own) - Recommendations will be made

  • Group transfer to Ben Gurion Airport

  • We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country!

Overnight: We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country!
Meal Plan: breakfast


Are medical and travel insurance necessary? Where can I purchase it?

Health Insurance It is a condition of your booking through Via Sabra / Israel4All, as well as the State of Israel, that you obtain travel health insurance which includes coverage for COVID-19.

Travel Insurance We strongly recommend that you purchase full travel insurance which includes coverage for ‘cancellation under any circumstances and for any reason’. It is recommended to purchase insurance as soon as the booking is made, as this cover is often dependent on purchasing as close to the time of booking. You can purchase travel insurance with our partner, Travel Insured, an experienced company and one of the largest in the industry through this link.

Is it safe to travel in Israel?

Yes! It is safe for you and your family to travel in Israel. There is a very low rate of street crime in Israel. But your security is of the utmost importance. Via Sabra, our tour operator, receives regular updates from Home Front Command regarding any critical updates, be it security related, or even about the weather. On the off chance there is a need to do so, we will be able to adjust our itinerary based on relevant information and recommendations.

What's the weather like in Israel?

It is always best to check the weather forecast beforehand as the weather during the Spring seasons can be unexpectedly warm or cold. From late March through May, daytime temperatures are generally very pleasant - around 65-70°F, though it can still be hot in some areas (such as the Dead Sea and Eilat). There is a slight chance of rain, but it doesn't happen often. It can be cooler in the evenings in the North and Jerusalem - approximately 45°F.
Weekly weather forecast

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Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 45 days prior to first day of trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours, with a full refund.

Should it be necessary to cancel or postpone the tour due to force majeure circumstances, or Israeli government-imposed/air flight restrictions related to COVID-19,  a full refund may be possible, minus a $200 per person service fee.

For cancellations made:

  • Up to 45 days prior to departure, any payments made above the deposit towards the tour will be refunded. The deposit is non-refundable
  • 45 to 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 29 to 8 days prior to departure, 25% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 7 to 0 days prior to departure, the client will incur 100% of the cost of the tour

Should members of a group booking cancel their participation, their deposits cannot be applied to the balance payment of other group members.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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Hotel accommodation v
A private, licensed, English speaking, culinary tour guide (title) v
A private, licensed, English speaking, culinary tour guide (text)
Transportation throughout the trip to all programmed activities v
Meals as listed in the itinerary v
Bottles of water, as needed, and snacks v
Fees for sites and activities listed v
Transfer from the airport on arrival - contact us to arrange v
Travel Insurance (recommended) v
Airfare v
VIP services upon arrival & departure v
“This was our third trip with via sabra and it was outstanding. We went with Aliza Green who is a cook and cookbook writer who provided us with lots of insights. Orit Levi our tour guide (third time) was excellent. Via Sabra makes every trip different so we did not feel as if we were repeating anything. We took our seven year old grandson who was well received and loved the trip. Via Sabra is caring and strives to accommodate any requests. We cannot recommend Via Sabra enough and we are looking forward to our next trip.”
Naomi S
2016, 2018, 2020
“We went on the In Search of Israeli Cuisine Tour with Via Sabra. The trip was perfect. It was extremely well planned and the guide, Orit, was knowledgeable and enjoyable to be with. We traveled throughout Israel and learned history and culture, and all about the food of Israel. We ate a variety of great food in markets, restaurants, on the street, and in private homes. The trip was wonderful and was one of the best vacations we have ever had. We highly recommend Via Sabra.”
SP Traveler
Sept 2018

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