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In the spirit of the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat, our newest Gift Boxes offer many opportunities to connect you to the land of Israel, strengthen the people across Israel, and bring the beauty made in Israel right into your homes. 


We’ve carefully curated handmade and luxurious products from small businesses across Northern and Southern Israel who have been deeply impacted by the war and created two charming holiday gift boxes just for you! 


Choose to buy one or both and support Israel today! Our sale ends January 14th!

Our Gift Box from Northern Businesses draws upon the diverse cultures, lush nature, and rich tastes across the region with its collection of all natural products, artisan goods, and unique spices and spreads. 
Many of these business owners have either been evacuated to safer cities in more central Israel or have experienced a downturn in their businesses because of the drop in tourism. 
They were all especially grateful and excited to hear of your interest in supporting them and procuring their goods!

We sought out top-selling vendors from Southern Israel to curate products from the following organizations and vendors to include in your Tu B’Shvat Gift Box – and included a few surprises too!

Among them:

A spice blend, all-natural dried fruit medley, boutique chocolates, ceramic bowls, luxurious skincare products, illustrated artwork / notebook, and more!

Our Gift Box from Southern Businesses features local produce and products from the orchards, farms, and studios closest to the border with Gaza.  
Many of the business owners from the South have been evacuated to more central or safer cities in Israel, yet they also continue to run their operations, often remotely, in order to support their families and communities. 
This gift box bears all the charm, warmth, and creativity of the people who bring color and life to the desert of Southern Israel. 

Across Northern Israel, we followed word-of-mouth recommendations to discover a varied range of beautiful products from the following organizations and vendors to include in your Tu B’Shvat Gift Box – and included a few surprises too!

Among them:

Wild honeys, handpicked olives and herbed olive oil, artisan chocolates, ceramic art, all natural hand and foot creams, carved wooden cutting board, and more! 

For questions about your order, please email Ziva Haller Rubenstein, at: Ziva@viasabra.com.  


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