Support IDF Soldiers with a R&R Hotel Getaway

They came from all over Israel and from countries around the world, driven by their deep commitment to secure the existence and safety of the State of Israel for all its citizens and as a Jewish homeland for Jews around the world. 

Since the massacre on Israeli civilians in southern Israel on October 7th, close to 350,000 IDF reserve soldiers and officers have answered the call to protect and serve Israel on its southern and northern borders. 

Women and men from a range of cultural, ethnic, and religious groups, together, they are putting their lives, their families, and their livelihoods on hold to serve in everything from combat and intelligence units to psychological and medical units, and from logistics and provisional units to spokesperson and translation units. 

More than a month into this war, many have been on duty for weeks – in the field, serving around the clock, with basic provisions, and without a break.  

Their service is currently uniting Israel in spirit and action with volunteer efforts across the country providing food and other sources of comfort to our soldiers. 

As a key provider of luxury services to tourists in Israel, Via Sabra is utilizing its partnership with leading Israeli hotels to offer getaway packages for IDF soldiers with 48 hours leave to regroup and restore over two nights at a four star hotel in Israel. 

A gift that supports and cares 

Many of you have asked how you can help and we found a way: click below to purchase getaway packages for IDF soldiers serving around the clock and under great duress. Join us in providing a retreat from the frontlines – a restorative break to replenish their energies and strengthen their resolve to keep fighting. 

Together, we can give back to those who are giving so much of themselves. 

A two night getaway for one soldier at a four star hotel with all meals included costs $350 USD – or choose to donate any amount toward a gift getaway. 

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