Accessible Jewish Heritage Trip- November 2021
A fully-accessible trip that includes the classic Jewish sites as well as a glimpse into modern Israel.
Starting from $2350 Next Up: 08 Nov
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In Search of Israeli Cuisine- October 2021
Our signature culinary trip inspired by the film In Search of Israeli Cuisine. Eat your way through the country while exploring the question "What is ...
Starting from $4200 Next Up: 06 Oct
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Accessible Christian Heritage Trip- November 2021
Israel has a special place in all the major religions. Join us for a fully accessible personal journey to visit the important Christian sites and get ...
Starting from $2150 Next Up: 08 Nov
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Lior Lev Sercarz Trip- October 2021
Join Lior Lev Sercarz - spice blender and owner of La Boîte, a biscuits and spice shop in New York City on this extraordinary culinary tour punctuate...
Starting from $6300 Next Up: 17 Oct
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Aliza Green Culinary Trip- November 2021
Join Chef Aliza Green on an intimate trip filled with hands-on cooking workshops, in-depth encounters, and so much food you will not have to eat for a...
Starting from $6790 Next Up: 07 Nov
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Minneapolis Federation Culinary Trip- October 2021
Join us for an unrivaled, immersive adventure on the Israeli Culinary Innovation and Values Trip. Meet Israeli cooks in their own homes as well as inn...
Starting from $4800 Next Up: 18 Oct
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In Search of Israeli Cuisine- With Roger Sherman- March 2022
Join Roger Sherman, Creator And Director of the film "In Search of Israeli Cuisine" on an intimate journey deep into the meaning of Israeli Cuisine.
Starting from $5000 Next Up: 06 Mar
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My Israel Trail- May 2022
Join “Our Israel Trail” to make it Your Israel Trail! Over ten days, walk sections of the trail from North to South while also getting to know th...
Starting from -/- Next Up: 01 May
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Israeli Soul - by Chef Michael Solomonov - July 2021
Join celebrated chef Michael Solomonov on a culinary journey into the heart and soul of Israeli Cuisine.
Starting from $11500 Next Up: 01 Jul
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