COVID-19 Travel Updates

As of March 1, 2022, everyone, regardless of vaccination status, may enter Israel.

Please note the following:

Entering Israel

  1. All non-Israelis, including visa holders who do not hold a valid Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card), are required to take a PCR test within the 72 hours prior to boarding a flight to Israel. Lab-based antigen tests will no longer be accepted.
    If you have recently recovered from COVID, you may enter Israel with proof of a positive PCR test result taken within 8-90 days (including day of the test) prior to boarding your flight to Israel.

  2. Israeli citizens will not be required to take a PCR test prior to boarding a flight to Israel.

  3. All travelers must complete this pre-flight form within 48 hours of the flight to Israel.

  4. Everyone will be required to take a PCR test in the airport upon landing in Israel. No one will be allowed to leave the airport without taking this test.

  5. Once you have landed in Israel and have taken your PCR test at the airport, you will be required to enter quarantine until you receive a negative result from your PCR test, or 24 hours have passed – whichever comes first. You may quarantine at home. If you are checking into a hotel, you must confirm with the hotel that they will allow you to quarantine there.

  6. *If you receive a positive result from your PCR test that was taken upon landing in Israel, you will be required to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days.

    *Those who have recently recovered from COVID may test positive on the PCR test taken upon landing in Israel. To apply for release from quarantine, please complete this form where you will need to upload your positive PCR test results from overseas, and upload a blank page in the field that asks for your serological test results. Please note that you should receive your release from quarantine relatively quickly, but it may take up to a few days to receive approval for release. If this happens, you will need to apply for release from quarantine. Please note it may take a few days for your release to be approved.

Leaving Israel

Testing requirements to leave Israel will depend on your destination country. Most countries will require a PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to time of departure, or a lab-based antigen test within 24 hours prior to time of departure.

Currently, the US requires that the test be conducted within the day before the flight. This means that or a flight at any time on a Monday (whether it’s 12:05am or 11:55pm), the test may be done any time between 12:00am Sunday up until the flight time on Monday (with enough time to obtain the results prior to check in for the flight).

**As rules may change depending on the situation, we strongly encourage you to confirm the rules as the date of your trip approaches, and that you purchase travel insurance that will coverage cancellation of your trip for any reason. Please note that Via Sabra is not responsible for changes/cancellations of your flight for any reason other than Israeli government-imposed or air flight restrictions, including those related to COVID-19. Should your trip be cancelled due to these reasons, funds on deposit may be applied to a future trip or you can receive a refund, less $200 per person, which is non-refundable. For our full terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy, please click here.**

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