COVID-19 Compliance

Via Sabra offers flexible tours that keep you and your family safe, while making the most of your time in Israel. In addition to complying with all local and international regulations, we provide:


Via Sabra understands that what made sense a year ago might not work on the ground today. If you had your heart set on visiting the Kotel during prime b’nai mitzvah hours, our guides know to advise and schedule a visit after the crowd clears. We change plans seamlessly to keep you safe without sacrificing the joy of a genuine Israeli experience.
Due to COVID-19, Via Sabra also offers flexibility regarding booking. Our unique cancellation procedures make it possible to plan the trip of your dreams with full confidence in our refund policies.

Sanitized Conditions

We ensure everywhere we travel meets the highest hygiene requirements. That means no pit stops at any old gas station or tourist hub. We monitor which locations are mindful about appropriate cleaning standards. Via Sabra also partners with small boutique hotels to avoid the unnecessary crowds in dining halls and common areas. From social distancing to general hygiene, we won’t take you anywhere we wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing our own saftas.

Community Support

The pandemic has made us all more aware of which communities in our orbit are struggling. Via Sabra always partners small Israeli  businesses to ensure all of our neighbors, regardless of culture or background, survive these difficult times. Your tour helps fund our many suppliers.

Early bird special - $200 off per person.

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Registration for the trip will open on October 1. Fill out this form to be notified when registration for the trip opens, so you can take advantage of early bird special pricing!

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