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The ACC-GTM affirms our love for Israel, our unwavering support of her people, and our commitment to traveling together as a community to Israel in July. Together we will be present, bear witness, listen to testimonies, show support, learn, grow and volunteer – “Yachad Lev el Lev | Together Heart to Heart”.

Monday, July 1 Easing into Israel

5:00 p.m. Pick up at the airport to drive north

Wine tasting and dinner at Maia Winery in Kfar Hatikvah A boutique winery with an innovative concept, Maia winery, owned by entrepreneur Roy Itzhaki, produces high quality Israeli wines that are designed for the Mediterranean culinary world. 

Guest speaker after dinner, Update on Northern Israel from Lt. Colonel Guy Malal. With two decades of experience as a Commander in the IDF, Malal conveys an in-depth appreciation of Israel’s society, diverse cultures, history and geo-political challenges. Guy gained his B.A. degree in Middle East studies and Geography and is now studying for his M.A. in Geography at Haifa University. In parallel to his civilian occupations, as part of his military (reserve) duty, he serves as commander of a training course in an IDF Intelligence operational unit. 

Drive to the hotel and check in

Overnight: Haifa – The Schumacher Hotel 

Tuesday July 2 Haifa’s Diversity

Breakfast at the hotel

Begin your day with Shacharit with Rabbis Gabby Dagan and Naama Daphne Kellen from Or Hadash. 

Continue to Beit Hagefen to enjoy an interactive multimedia exhibition led by Curator Yael Messer to also hear about the vision, struggles, and successes of creating this artistic space. In the new wing of Beit Hagefen, explore activity stations that  question aspects about identity and belonging in a multicultural society. 

Explore the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood and shuk and enjoy a lunch tasting tour with a culinary tour guide. Wadi Nisnas is a mixed neighborhood that captures the nature and atmosphere of the city of Haifa, full of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses.  The market is the place to go for some of the local flavors- pastries, spiced tea, the best falafel in Israel, and strong Turkish coffee, along with aromas that will have your mouth watering.

Meet Arab and Jewish activists working on the Leo Baeck Community Garden and discuss how recent events have affected their work.

Meet with Rabbis Miriam Klimova and Benni Minnich to gain insight into the effect of the ongoing conflict on the local Russian and Ukrainian communities in Haifa.   

Rova Hamadregot – Walk (down) the stairs pathway that creates the illusion of a secret passageway through the city and connects the Carmel Heights to the lower city. Pass by Haifa’s main landmarks.

Have dinner in a Druze home and speak with Druze soldiers about their army service and their Israeli identity.

Overnight: Haifa – The Schumacher Hotel 

Wednesday, July 3 The Power of Co-existence

Breakfast at the hotel, check out of the hotel

Drive to Nazareth

Embark on a unique journey of hope with Maoz Inon while traversing the enchanting streets of Nazareth’s Old City. Maoz’ personal experience in Nazareth is a true testament to that power. His parents were murdered in their home on October 7 by Hamas terrorists. Amid his grief, the tragic loss and war have not quashed his compassion and hope for peace.

Stop for tea in Ghada’s Corner and hear her story Ghada has been identifying artisans who create the type of handicrafts that their ancestors created hundreds of years ago. She opened Ghada’s corner to support and publicize their work and sell handicrafts of meaning.

Lunch at Luna Bistro for authentic Nazareth food. 

Depart for Tel Aviv

Check in to the hotel by 15:00

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