Price range
From $3700 per person
Upcoming Date
20-27 March 2022
Tour Time
8 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)
Join the Northern New Jersey Federation for a spiritual, energetic, and colorful trip to Israel. Each day will include at least one culinary activity together with local experiences that will round out your connection to the country. Meet inspiring Israel women and get to know the inspiring women in your group.


Explore Israel's rich culinary history
Experience Israel's abundance with a community of women
Meet your Partnership Together community
Visit classic sites and secret destinations
Single Supplement $1300
Price based on 30 people
25-29 people $3859
20-24 people $4100
15-19 people $4450


1 - Sunday (March 20) : Welcome to Israel!



  • 4:00 p.m. Gather at the hotel for a toast to the beginning of your journey - Get to know your guide and share your hopes for the journey

  • First stop will be Machane Yehuda Market - In the heart of Jerusalem, a bustling multi-ethnic market bursting with life, art, and flavor. Enjoy an appetizer tour to whet your appetite for dinner and the rest of the trip. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all the rich fragrances, colors and sounds this iconic Jerusalem market offers.

  • Dinner at Hamotzi Restaurant - Israeli Master Chef winner Avi Levy combines a North African cooking style with a Jerusalem flare to create a rich kaleidoscopic of flavors using local ingredients from the nearby Machane Yehuda market.

  • After dinner discuss “What makes Israel a unique culinary story?”

  • Mamilla Hotel

Overnight: Mamilla Hotel
Meal Plan: dinner

2 - Monday (March 21) : Worlds Within



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Maximize your photos- Instagram Workshop - Learn to tell your Israel story through the photos, with a professional photographer. In the heart of Jerusalem, learn the techniques of taking beautiful pictures with your smartphones. During this workshop we train our eyes to look all around us, above and beyond.

  • Tour Jerusalem's Old City - Tour Jerusalem’s Old City. Meet people and places of the Old City. In the Jewish Quarter uncover the layers of Jewish history from the time of the First Temple until the present day. In the Christian Quarter visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Visit the Temple Mount. Throughout the tour explore the complexity of a city that is holy to these three major religions.

  • Ruth Baks - Continue to the Jewish Quarter and meet Ruth Baks, an orthodox American, who moved to Israel in the 1970's. She's a home cook, and avid baker, and is on a lifelong mission to study spices. Ruth's been to India more than 30 times. She’ll welcome us into her home then she'll guide us through the ancient alleyways of the Jewish Quarter.

  • Take an hour at the hotel to rest and freshen up

  • 'Shtisel' Tour- Encounter outside the box - Have a taste of the Ultra-Orthodox world-walk the streets of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, get to know the people, the food, and feel the vibrations of this life. Gain a more complex appreciation for the people by listening to their music, visiting synagogues and others institutions, and seeing the unique leisure, fashion, and art this world encompasses.

  • Dinner on your own- we'll make restaurant suggestions and reservations

  • Mamilla Hotel

Overnight: Mamilla Hotel
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

3 - Tuesday (March 22) : Gifts From the Land



  • Yoga Synagogue ah - Yoga Synagogue Ah followers find themselves all over Jerusalem practicing yoga in inspirational settings. Join the group's founder, Laura Gilinski, for a session to guide you into Shabbat.

  • Breakfast at the hotel with Laura Gilinski - Laura Gilinski is VP of Philanthropic Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central and is responsible for all Start-Up Nation Central’s development related issues including partner cultivation, retention, and support. Prior to Start-Up Nation Central, Laura served as Deputy Director for Development and International Relations at the Israel Museum (IMJ), where she was responsible for development operations including cultivation and growth of 16 international friends’ organizations; and direct fundraising from foundations, and individuals.

  • Get ready and check out of the hotel

  • Depart Jerusalem and drive north

  • Lunch at Goats with the wind - At Goats with the Wind, have a magical lunch at this family-owned goat cheese farm and restaurant. Everything you will eat comes from the farm. Meet the goats and enjoy the special touches of the place.

  • Creativity meets Creativity- The Wine Truck with Nitzan Savarski - Wine tasting and meeting with incredible wine maker Nitzan Savraski of Ahat Winery. Ahat features white wines that are made with passion and detail.

  • Possible- Lohamei Hagetaot - Ghetto Fighters House - Tour of the museum via the story of Miriam Novitch, founder and art curator, focusing on specific artworks and a visit to the Yizkor Hall, which is one of a kind and has on display artifacts and artwork.

  • Drive to the hotel and check in

  • Dinner at the hotel


Overnight: NORTH ISR LODGING general
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

4 - Wednesday (March 23) : Partners Near and Far



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Akko - The ancient city of Akko, on the Mediterranean, is one of the oldest ports in the world, a city shared by Jews and Muslims. Walk narrow streets past towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, venerable synagogues, slender Muslim minarets, secret passageways. Discover the subterranean city built in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders beneath Akko. Learn about the city’s ancient history as well as its important role in Israel’s modern history.

  • Saleem Amer - Try your hand at stone carving with local stone artist Saleem.

  • Market Tour and Cooking Workshop with local women - At Beit Elfarasha meet the true gems of the city, the local women. This program empowers women of Akko through cooking workshops and gives visitors to the Old City of Akko

  • Partnership Activities in Nahariya- something active (Mamanet?)

  • Barbeque with Partnership women


Overnight: NORTH ISR LODGING general
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner

5 - Thursday (March 24) : Sustaining the Land



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Hike at Keshet Cave - The Keshet Cave (also known as the Rainbow cave or Arch cave) in the Galilee, is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the land of Israel. Not only is the large natural arch with the shallow cave beneath it a pleasure to see, it also attracts hundreds of extreme sports enthusiasts who like to rappel from the arch down to the cave floor below. For those really looking for a thrill, dropping off the side of the cave and swinging under the arch with just the rope between you and the forests way down below is an unforgettable experience!

  • Naama Szterenlicht - Local Tonic - At the end of the hike meet Naama Szterenlicht, local tonic brewer and artisanal forager.

  • Visit and lunch at Farma Cultura, an organic farm in coastal plains of Israel. - The farmland is nurtured by Permaculture methods – a philosophy of agricultural ecosystems that work with nature designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient by looking at plants and animals in all their functions.

  • Meet Michal Bitterman, CEO and founder of The Natural Step Israel - Natural Step acts to promote strategic sustainability in the Israeli society, using the lens of innovation and quality. Their mission is to catalyze and ensure a systemic change to create a sustainable society in Israel that thrives within its natural surroundings.

  • Azrieli helicopter pad for a birds-eye-view of Tel Aviv and a toast to the group on top of Azrieli Tower

  • Check into the hotel

  • Dinner and Conversation with Ronit Vered at Assif: Culinary Institute of Israel - Assif is a cultural center in Tel Aviv with a library, farm, gallery & cafe that encourages open discourse around local foodways and identity. Ronit Vered, an Israeli food writer, editor and cook book author and an expert on Israeli and Jewish cuisine. Naama Shefi is the founder of the Jewish Food Society, a new nonprofit organization that works to preserve, celebrate and revitalize Jewish cuisine.

  • Option-check out a local music or dance event or enjoy Tel Aviv's Thursday nightlife

  • TLV ISR LODGING general

Overnight: TLV ISR LODGING general
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner

6 - Friday (March 25) : Art and Wine

This morning we wake up to "Summer Time"- clocks moved forward one hour.


  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Yaacov Agam Museum of Art OR - The Yaacov Agam Museum of Art is in Rishon LeZion, the hometown of internationally acclaimed Israeli artist Yaacov Agam. The museum will showcases six decades of Agam’s groundbreaking artistic research, presenting temporary exhibitions and permanent displays of some of his most important artworks, coming from prestigious collections and museums worldwide.

  • Design Museum Holon - Design Museum Holon is the first museum in Israel dedicated to Design. The building of the museum was planned and designed by Israeli architect and industrial designer Ron Arad in cooperation with Bruno Asa.

  • Bravdo Winery- Lunch and Wine Tasting - Bravdo Winery is a boutique winery founded by veteran wine growing families of more than 130 years. The winery sits among its own vineyards, near the village of Karmei Yosef and is one of the very few genuine estate wineries in Israel.

  • Return to Tel Aviv and free time

  • Option: Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market - Nachlat Binyamin, an open air market in the heart of Tel-Aviv has become synonymous with quality Israeli crafts and folk art. The market is comprised of over 100 stands representing specialty crafts and folk art in virtually every medium imaginable: wood, stone, sand, glass, ceramics, various metals with most if not all containing materials or themes found only in Israel.

  • Shabbat Dinner Home Hospitality

  • Isrotel Royal Beach Tel Aviv

Overnight: Isrotel Royal Beach Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner

7 - Saturday (March 26) : A Tel Aviv Shabbat



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Morning option-The Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Tel Aviv Museum of Art, envisioned and founded in 1932 by the first Mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, in his private home on Rothschild Boulevard has since changed locations and developed significantly.

  • In private setting indulge in a Jewish Shabbat Brunch - Enjoy the variety of classic ethnic foods that are part of the Shabbat day meal. These dishes are brought directly from the homes in which the food was cooked for families that share their heritage and flavors.

  • Option: Walking tour of Jaffa - In Jaffa discover the ancient and modern situated side-by-side. Stroll through the alleyways of the Old City filled with artist studios as well as archaeological discoveries.

  • Dinner on your own

  • TLV ISR LODGING general

Overnight: TLV ISR LODGING general
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

8 - Sunday (March 27) : Social Innovation and Creativity



  • Breakfast at the hotel with VIBE Israel's Joanna Landau - Start the day with Joanna Landau, founder of Vibe Israel, which aims to change the way Israel is perceived in global public opinion. Vibe, Israel's flagship project offers weeklong trips to Israel to online opinion leaders, generating third party endorsement of Israel's competitive advantages to millions of people worldwide

  • Workshop at Kite Pride - KitePride creates functional bags from used high quality upcycled fabrics in order to provide jobs to women and men exiting human trafficking and prostitution. In addition to learning about KitePride’s amazing work, Design your own one-of-a-kind bag and be part of the SOCIAL + ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

  • Travel to colorful Kuchinate: African Refugee Women’s Cooperative - Meet Julie Fisher, activist in the Refugee community, for a coffee ceremony and to hear the story of this incredible social start-up. Meet founders Diddy Mymin Kahn and Sister Aziza, who have turned the lives of refugee women around by empowering them to find their voices and regain their dignity after very difficult life circumstances.

  • Levinsky Market Tasting Tour lunch - The Levinsky Market specializes in spices and Mediterranean delicacies. It is, in many ways, the best market in Tel Aviv, for its variety, freshness and special atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a rare Indian spice or some good quality saffron - this is the place. Shops offer a cornucopia of excellent cheeses, smoked fish, wines and other delicacies. Tour the market and have "tastings" throughout.

  • Graffiti Tour - Explore Florentine on an urban Graffiti Tour. Who are the people going out at night and changing the face of the neighborhood? What kind of story do these images and words tell us about the people living there? What is unique about graffiti in Israel and in Tel Aviv? We will walk through Florentine, the neighborhood of Tel Aviv best-known for graffiti art to answer these questions and many more in a dynamic and inquisitive tour.

  • Final Dinner- we'll choose one of Tel Aviv's best! - The restaurant scene is changing constantly and we will keep our eyes out for a great option for the group!

Overnight: Final Dinner- we'll choose one of Tel Aviv's best!
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner


What's the weather like in Israel?

It is always best to check the weather forecast beforehand as the weather during Spring and Fall seasons can be unexpectedly warm or cold.

Spring (late March – May): Daytime temperatures are generally very pleasant - around 65-70°F, though it can still be hot in some areas (such as the Dead Sea and Eilat). There is a slight chance of rain, but it doesn't happen often. It can be cooler in the evenings in the North and Jerusalem - approximately 45°F.

Summer (late May - late September): Temperatures are usually in the high 80s-90s. At this time of year, humidity will be highest in Tel Aviv and Tiberias. Other areas such as Jerusalem are drier and cooler, particularly at night. The desert, Masada and Eilat are extremely hot, but dry. It will almost never rain in the summer in Israel!

Fall (late September – November): Same as Spring, but the rain can begin towards the end of the season.

Winter (December - early March): Winter can be mild and sunny, or severe and overcast. There's often heavy rain and, in January and February, even snow at times! Temperatures will be in the 50s-60s most places, but in the 40s in Jerusalem and the Galilee hills, and cold at night. Pack layers and be prepared for anything!

Weekly weather forecast

Are medical and travel insurance necessary? Where do I buy it?

Health Insurance

It is a condition of your booking through Via Sabra / Israel4All, as well as the State of Israel, that you obtain travel health insurance which includes coverage for COVID-19.

Travel Insurance

In addition, we strongly recommend that you purchase full travel insurance which includes coverage for ‘cancellation under any circumstances and for any reason’. It is recommended to purchase insurance as soon as the booking is made, as this cover is often dependent on purchasing as close to the time of booking.

You can purchase travel insurance with our partner, Travel Insured, an experienced company and one of the largest in the industry, through this link.

Is it safe to travel in Israel?

Yes! It is safe for you and your family to travel in Israel. The Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have a vested interest in encouraging tourism. As a registered tour operator we receive security updates from the Home Front office and on rare occasions adjust our itineraries on their recommendations

Terms of Payment

Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 45 days prior to first day of trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours, with a full refund.

Full refunds or changes will be possible for cancellations made as a result of force majeure circumstances, or due to Israel-imposed governmental or air flight restrictions related to COVID-19.

Cancellations up to 45 days prior to departure, the deposit per person will be charged (non-refundable).
Cancellations between 45 to 30 days prior to departure, entail a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour cost per person.
Cancellations between 29 to 8 days prior to departure, entail a cancellation fee of 75% of the tour cost per person.
For 7 to 0 days prior to departure entail a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of the trip

Should members of a group booking cancel their participation, their deposits cannot be applied to the balance payment of other group members.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

What’s Included
A private, licensed, English speaking tour guide v
Transportation throughout the trip to all programmed activities v
Hotels throughout the trip v
Meals as listed in the itinerary v
Bottles of water, as needed, and snacks v
Group transfer to the airport on departure v
Airfare v
COVID-19 health insurance coverage (required) v
Transfer from the airport on arrival - contact us to arrange v
Travel Insurance (recommended) v
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“Trip of a lifetime It was the most interesting, delicious, fun trip that we have ever had to Israel and quite frankly, anyplace! Our tour guide brought everything alive for us and filled our days with so many adventures. Cannot recommend this enough. ”
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