Price range
From $4,295 per person
Upcoming Date
23 Jun 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
Tour Time
8 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)


Explore Israel through the lens of nature and sustainability
Fun water hikes
Culinary experiences such as Druze home hospitality, goat farm and market tour
Learn about Israeli environmental tech solutions


1 - Sunday ( June 23 ) : Shalom - welcome to Israel



  • Welcome to Israel! - Airport transfers and VIP fast-track assistance can be arranged but aren't included.

  • On this morning we can offer private tours for those who wish to see classic sites such as a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem - Contact us for further information.

  • 2:00 PM Meet your group at the hotel's lobby and begin your journey!

  • Le'chaim, group orientation at a magnificent lookout over the Old and New city - From the Haas Promenade take in a wide view of Jerusalem's Old and New Cities and the surrounding Judean Desert as far as the eye can see. See Jerusalem's complex geography, strategic setting, and beauty. Begin the conversation about Jerusalem's centrality to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • Visit the Gazelle Valley - Located in the heart of Jerusalem, in the shadow of the infamous Holyland apartment block, the Gazelle Valley was saved by SPNI and turned into a world-class urban wildlife site. It’s a very special type of park, and a haven for the endangered Israeli mountain gazelle. Amir Balaban, our Director of Urban Nature, will tell you the story of how the park came to be and how it’s being used as a model for urban sustainability in Israel and around the world.

  • Tour of Machne Yehuda Market from a sustainability lens including tastings along the way - The Machane Yehuda Market is one of the great markets of the world and shows the greatest abundance the land of Israel has ever seen. But, what is the significance of contemporary environmental issues related to the production and consumption of food? Tour Machane Yehuda Market through an ecological lens with a focus on the emergence of organic produce and health food stores in the market in recent years and a look into what Jewish sources have to say about sustainability.

  • Evening program: Tower of David Museum sound and light show - Amidst the archaeological remains in the David Citadel courtyard, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through virtual reality images. The Night Spectacular uses trompe l'oeil technology – the stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the viewers are part of a multi-sensory experience.

  • Jerusalem - Cassia Hotel

Overnight: Jerusalem - Cassia Hotel
Meal Plan: Machane Yehuda culinary tour

2 - Monday ( June 24 ) : Heavenly and earthly Jerusalem



  • Early morning visit to Jerusalem Bird Observatory - In 1993, two young birdwatchers discovered a banded migrant bird from Sweden and so started the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory, a center of education, science, and community located next to the Knesset. Over 50,000 visitors, from around the world and all sectors of society, flock to visit the JBO. You’ll be joining them to experience an unforgettable up-close bird banding activity, the importance of urban green spaces, and learn about Israel’s vital importance to global bird migration.

  • Back at the hotel - enjoy Israeli buffet breakfast

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Sataf trail - hike in Jerusalem Hills - Explore the Jerusalem Hills at the beautiful Sataf forest for a hike through the area. The Sataf is on the site of ancient agricultural terraces which date to the time of the ancient Israelites. If it’s warm enough, there’s even an option to take a dip in some of the natural springs. Along the way - forage for edible plants.

  • Lunch break - (meal not included)

  • Metzilot Mazon - tour and cook together - The Jerusalem Food Rescuers, aims to create a more Just and sustainable urban food system with less waste. Working with the wholesale market, they divert surplus produce that would have otherwise gone to waste and support communities that don’t have equitable access to food. Tour the warehouse, learn about this unique NGO, and cook a sustainable meal together.

  • Jerusalem

Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, workshop and meal at Metzilot Mazon

3 - Tuesday ( June 25 ) : Desert splendor



  • Early departure and packed breakfast

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Magical Dead Sea boat ride - Take a boat ride on the Dead Sea in a small group motorboat and see amazing salt formations and scenery. During this unique experience you will enjoy the wondrous muds, salt pearls, salt diamonds, water springs streaming to the sea and sink holes filled with sweet water. Learn about the ecosystem and the environmental issues connected to the Dead Sea.

  • Hike in Ein Gedi oasis - This beautiful nature reserve features Nahal David, a spectacular water hike for all ages. Trails in a range of levels of difficulty take you alongside and through the cool, fresh waters of Nahal David, down waterfalls, along jaw-dropping canyons, and past caves. If you’re both quiet and lucky, you might even glimpse the sure-footed ibex and other local animals.

  • Lunch at the Ein Gedi field school

  • Time permitting: afternoon tour of Masada National Park - Ascend the mountain by a cable car to explore Masada, a scene of the epic stand by Jewish rebels at the end of the Great Revolt against Rome nearly 2,000 years ago. The new museum at the Visitor Center reveals the secrets of the daily life of the rebels, the story of the excavations, and how the site became one of Israel’s most important symbols.

  • Travel back to Jerusalem and dinner on your own

  • Jerusalem

Overnight: Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

4 - Wednesday ( June 26 ) : Nature, Innovation, and creativity



  • Breakfast at your hotel & check-out

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Kibbutz Magal - agri-tech tour - Begin with a tour of the kibbutz followed by a visit to the “Netafim” plant and greenhouse innovation center. Netafim is the pride of Israel and the world’s leading irrigation company where drip irrigation was developed and smart irrigation solutions continue to have an immense impact globally. Visit the “Masik” olive oil visitor center and taste a variety of olive oils and hear from the experts on the growing process and production.

  • Lunch break and visit to Ma'agan Michael - Tour the coastland wetlands of Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael, the second site of the Start-Up Nature rewilding project. See the water birds and hear about the SPNI project.

  • Go on a Rafting Adventure along the Jordan River - Row through one of the most beautiful spots in Israel, amongst the plants, trees, and waterfalls in the middle of this beautiful Galilee nature reserve. At the end of the route you'll have the opportunity to get down to the Jordan River by a zipline for a real fun experience!

  • Dinner at the hotel

  • Evening program - Rosh Habrosh workshop - Go wild with your imagination and create your own little creature, animal, or bird from a large variety of materials from nature!

  • North - Pastoral Kfar Blum

Overnight: North - Pastoral Kfar Blum
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner

5 - Thursday ( June 27 ) : The Galilee wilderness



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Begin your day with a water hike adventure - Banias is one of the Jordan’s water sources, walk between the beautiful water streams, water plants and shaded track, in the Banias less known trail.

  • Druze home hospitality, Knafeh workshop and authentic meal - Visit one of the Druze villages of the Galilee. The Druze is a religious known for their hospitality and warm welcome of visitors. Learn about their fascinating history, unique religion, an ancient tradition, and engage in a fun baking workshop where you will bake one of the most popular Middle Eastern desserts - Knafeh! Here you will get to taste some of the best Knafeh in Israel. Conclude your visit with a delicious Druze feast.

  • Break at the hotel, enjoy the hotel's facilities and pool time

  • Sunset jeep ride - Take a fun and interesting jeep tour of Galilee with a local expert guide. While traversing the rich landscape, learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the area, and explore the local wildlife.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant - free time and meal on own - (meal not included)

  • North

Overnight: North
Meal Plan: breakfast, Druze Cooking Workshop and Meal

6 - Friday ( June 28 ) : Abundance



  • Breakfast at your hotel & check-out

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Nahal Amud water hike - Nahal Amud has it all- gorgeous scenery, a beautiful trail, water, and history. Hike this trail and take part in the national pastime of Israel!

  • Havat Rom - tour and 'farm to table' meal - A visit to a magical organic farm, located on a mountain with a beautiful view of Meron Mountain. This is an agricultural organic farm, where they use ancient knowledge along with modern tools. Trying to find the balance between humans and nature. Enjoy a light meal from the fresh produce and excellent cheese.

  • Travel to Tel Aviv & check-in

  • Relaxed time - beach and exploring on own

  • Suggested: join Beit Tefila Yisraeli - Kabbalat Shabbat - Welcome Shabbat at the Tel Aviv Port with Beit Tefilah Israeli in a prayer that combines the old and the modern, sunset and music. (transfer in the evening and to the port isn't included)

  • Friday night Shabbat group dinner at the hotel

  • Tel Aviv - Crowne Plaza Beach

Overnight: Tel Aviv - Crowne Plaza Beach
Meal Plan: breakfast, light meal at the farm, Shabbat dinner at the hotel

7 - Saturday ( June 29 ) : Tel Aviv weekend atmosphere



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • Morning tracks - choose to participate in one of the following activities

  • A - Surfing lesson - Learn how to ride the waves of the Mediterranean!

  • B - Graffiti Tour and workshop - Tour the dynamic neighborhood of Florentine, Tel Aviv’s most bohemian and upbeat neighborhood and learn about contemporary Israeli culture through the writing on the wall, graffiti, bumper stickers and even painted garbage bins. In recent years Tel Aviv has become Israel's capital of urban art. Conclude with graffiti workshop to experience fun and artistic freedom.

  • C - tour of the picturesque Jaffa Old City - Jaffa is one of the most ancient port cities in Israel and the Mediterranean basin. Today, Jaffa is a mixed city, where Jews and Arabs live alongside each other. Tel Aviv, Jaffa's younger sister, was established centuries later, in the year 1909. Though the two were united into one municipality in 1949, each part has retained its unique feel and atmosphere. Jaffa has been regenerated in recent years with the old narrow streets and courtyards becoming a highly popular part of Tel Aviv’s urban tapestry.

  • Lunch and leisure time - (meal not included)

  • Walk in Park Hayarkon to Rosh Tzipor - Visit the Rosh Tzipor bird sanctuary and enjoy a morning walk along Hayarkon River, part of the Israel National Trail. During the visit, we will hear from Dana Tabatchnik, manager of SPNI's River and Streams Rehabilitation Project.

  • Group dinner at a local restaurant

  • Tel Aviv

Overnight: Tel Aviv
Meal Plan: breakfast

8 - Sunday ( June 30 ) : A look into the future



  • Breakfast at your hotel & check-out - Those who are staying in Israel can extend their stay in the hotel, and will be able to keep the room.

  • Word of the day, song of the day

  • The sustainable center at the Jaffa Port - Walk through this ancient port which has a history spanning over three millennia, including Biblical times. Still functional as a small fishing port, it is currently a recreational zone featuring restaurants and galleries and performing art venues with the deep blue Mediterranean serving as a background. We will visit the new sustainable center, learn about future local developments regarding marine ecological issues.

  • A visit to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation - The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is a leading non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on developing and implementing unique and cutting-edge programs. The center presents the incredible story of Israel, the "innovation nation", and showcases the diverse fields and people behind Israeli innovation.

  • Group lunch

  • From Vision to Reality - tour of Ariel Sharon Park - Welcome to Ariel Sharon Park, a remarkable urban nature reserve in Tel Aviv, Israel. This immersive tour invites you to explore the beauty and diversity of the park's transformed landscape. As you embark on the journey, you'll encounter lush green spaces, meandering trails, and scenic viewpoints that offer breathtaking panoramas. Guided by knowledgeable experts, you'll learn about the park's history, its ecological restoration efforts, and the importance of preserving and protecting urban biodiversity. This tour provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature, appreciate the harmonious coexistence of wildlife and humans, and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role parks like Ariel Sharon play in promoting environmental stewardship and enhancing the quality of life for all.

  • Closing session and farewell meal

  • Group transfer to the airport - Safe travels.

  • We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country

Meal Plan: breakfast


General guide for tipping

Tips are not included in the cost of a tour and are always at your discretion. Having said that, in Israel, it is customary to add a gratuity of 15-20% at a restaurant and to tip your guide and driver. For all groups ranging from 2-6 people, it is suggested that you tip the tour guide $70 -$100 (from the group) per day. For groups larger than 8, it is recommended to tip $8-$12 per person, per day + 50% for your bus driver. Please note! Unless stated otherwise, on our group tours, the hotels, restaurants with meals included and serving staff is being generously tips by our staff - on your behalf. If you are not sure, check with your guide or operator for further details.

What is the best season to visit Israel?

May and October are considered the best times to visit Israel. These months offer fewer crowds, pleasant weather, and less unpredictability compared to summer and winter. Weekly weather forecast

Is there someone who can assist with booking flights?

If you are interested in assistance with flight booking, please refer to our travel partner, Riverdale Travel, for direct bookings. Flights for Experience Israel 2023 will be available to reserve beginning June 1, 2022. If you have any questions or would like to book your flight, please contact Kathy at kathy@riverdaletravel.com. You may also purchase travel insurance by clicking here. **Flight costs for Experience Israel 2023 are not included in the trip costs, and are paid for separately and directly to the airline or travel agent at the time of booking.

Terms of Payment

Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 60 days prior to the first day of trip. An invoice will be sent 90 days before the trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Please note: 

  • The itinerary is subject to change as a result of unforeseen changes from suppliers, weather, etc.
  • This proposal is valid for 1 week for private clients, and 10 days for groups. 


Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours AFTER REGISTRATION, with a full refund.

For cancellations made:

·         Up to 60 days prior to departure, any payments above the deposit towards the trip will be refunded. The deposit is non-refundable.

·         60-30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded.

·         29-0 days prior to departure, the client will incur 100% of the cost of the tour.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.


What’s Included
Hotel accommodation v
A private, licensed, English speaking tour guide v
Transportation throughout the trip to all programmed activities v
Bottles of water, as needed, and snacks v
Fees for sites and activities listed v
Meals as listed in the meal plan at the end of each day v
Group transfer to the airport on departure v
Tips for tour guides and drivers v
Airport transfer and VIP service upon arrival v
Transportation in the evening for dinners and time on own v
Optional and suggested activities v

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