Price range
From $16599 per person
Upcoming Date
18-01 November 2022
Tour Time
15 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)


Market culinary tour
Druze home hospitality
Multicultural tour of Jerusalem Old City
Explore the Golan Heights by jeep
Wine tasting at a family owned winery
Bird watching and bike tour around the Hula Valley
Leisure time at the Six Senses Resort


1 - Tuesday (October 18) : Welcome to Israel



  • Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport - Your VIP agent will be waiting to greet you at the sleeve of the plane. After assisting with arrival procedures and collecting your baggage, you will be taken to meet your driver. Arrival on Turkish Air Flight 788 at 8:20PM

  • Drive to Jerusalem & check-in to your hotel. - Check into your hotel

  • Evening to settle in and get used to the new time zone

  • Evening on own - As it will be late by the time you check in, we assume you will stay in this eve.

  • Jerusalem: King David Hotel - DLX old city top floor

Overnight: Jerusalem: King David Hotel - DLX old city top floor

2 - Wednesday (October 19) : Jerusalem - the Heart of the Jewish People



  • Breakfast at your hotel - Every morning enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at your hotel.

  • Meet your guide at the hotel's lobby and begin your journey - A walking day tour (6 hours)

  • Begin with a magnificent lookout from the Tower of David - The Tower of David Museum is located within the iconic citadel of Jerusalem. Climb up the stair to enjoy a bird's eye view over the old and new city.

  • Tour the Jewish Quarter - See archaeological finds from the First and Second Temple periods, Roman ruins, vibrant synagogues, and learning institutions, art galleries all jostling for space in these busy stone streets.

  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - The Holy Sepulchre is situated on the hill called Golgotha or Calvary. The Church contains the last five Stations of the Cross including the sites of Jesus' crucifixion and burial. Several Christian denominations claim ownership to various parts of the site so holy to Christendom.

  • Lunch break in the Arab Market - Browse in the famous Arab shuk (market) in the Muslim quarter. Check out the local hummus and sweets, the many stalls selling spices, pastries, pottery, sheepskin, embroidered clothes, and so much more. Meet store-owners whose stores have been in their family for generations.

  • Take time to reflect at the Western Wall - Proceed to the Kotel (The Western Wall), sacred because it is one of the last remnants of the Second Temple that was destroyed by the Romans. Feel the stones that have witnessed so much in the history of the Jews. Place your special and personal prayer in the cracks of the stones.

  • The Western Wall Tunnels - Explore what’s under the Kotel through the Kotel Tunnels Tour. The Western Wall is impressive, but its greatness is truly discovered when you descend underground to the Western Wall Tunnels. The tunnels run along approximately 488 meters (1601ft) of the Western Wall, giving visitors a taste for the challenge that stood before Herod the Great during the biggest of all his immense building projects - the expansion of the Temple Mount.

  • Take a taxi back to hotel and enjoy a free afternoon at leisure

  • Dinner at a local restaurant

  • King David Jerusalem

Overnight: King David Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast

3 - Thursday (October 20) : Memory and Life



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Yad Vashem - Visit the museum at Yad Vashem, Israel’s National Memorial to the Holocaust. Tour this memorial to the darkest moment in world and Jewish history, its children’s memorial, and exquisite gardens. Yad Vashem is an unforgettable place of tribute and remembrance. You'll be guided by a member of the Yad Vashem staff.

  • After a meaningful morning see Israel today - Drive around the National Precinct, which was developed soon after the establishment of the state in 1948. Here you will find the Knesset, Israel's parliament and the Supreme Court. The Knesset stands as a symbol of both Jewish sovereignty and dedication to democracy. In lively, often heated, debates, its 120 elected members reflect the divergence of Israeli public opinion, legislate and oversee the workings of the government.

  • When it's lunch time go for a tasting tour of Machane Yehuda Market - In the heart of Jerusalem, a bustling multi-ethnic market bursting with life, art, and flavor, a tasting tour through Machane Yehuda Market is an adventure for your taste buds. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all the rich fragrances, colors, and sounds this iconic Jerusalem market offers.

  • Free afternoon

  • King David Jerusalem

Overnight: King David Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, Lunch: Market Tasting tour

4 - Friday (October 21) : Land of Judah



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Tour Beit Guvrin - To really dig deep into the past, head to Beit Guvrin, where thousands of underground caves were revealed. The caves of Beit Guvrin hold a rich trove of artifacts uncovered over the years. Don’t forget to check out the amazing Bell Caves and the theater as well.

  • Domaine du Castel Winery - Castel’s philosophy and winemaking values are an inseparable part of the winery– harmony, esthetics, refinement, patience, elegance and precision; all these guide us when creating the wines we love to drink. Wines with a strong presence and stamina, but with a hint of “down to earth” modesty. Enjoy a glass of wine and cheese overlooking the views of Jerusalem's hills.

  • Lunch at Majda restaurant - Majda is a restaurant in the Jerusalem Hills village of Ein Rafa, famous for its innovative fusion cuisine, beautiful property and views from its rooftop and an appearance on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The menu is full of creative local dishes all prepared by Yakub and Michal, the Arab-Jewish couple who own Majda. (meal not included)

  • Transfer back to Jerusalem

  • Bring in Shabbat at the Kotel - No matter what your background, you may wish to walk over to the Western Wall to see how people from all backgrounds bring in Shabbat. Its a time for dancing, singing, and a beautiful way to welcome the sabbath.

  • Shabbat Friday night dinner at the hotel or a restaurant (not included)

  • King David Jerusalem

Overnight: King David Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, winery - wine and cheese

5 - Saturday (October 22) : The Lowest Place on Earth



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Masada National Park - Ascend the mountain by a cable car to explore Masada, scene of the epic stand by Jewish rebels at the end of the Great Revolt against Rome nearly 2,000 years ago. The new museum at the Visitor Center reveals the secrets of the daily life of the rebels, the story of the excavations, and how the site became one of Israel’s most important symbols.

  • Dead Sea - swim and lunch - Israel’s Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, a stunning, other-worldly landscape of shimmering blue water ringed by bare, orange and yellow hills. The waters of the Dead Sea hold a potent solution of minerals and salts that have strong healing properties. Together with its ethereal beauty, these health-giving minerals make the Dead Sea’s beaches and spas popular vacation spots for Israelis and tourists alike. At one of the local hotels, have lunch, swim and float in the Dead Sea.

  • Time permitting: Ein Gedi oasis hike - The landscape, climatic conditions and water sources at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve have created a unique ecosystem of springs, waterfalls and pools surrounded by lush greenery in a desolate desert setting. We will have the opportunity to hike up to and cool off in the refreshing pools and waterfalls of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

  • On the way back to hotel stop at Mount Scopus for a lookout - Mount Scopus, or “tzofim” in Hebrew, is one of the tallest hills surrounding Jerusalem. The name “scopus” means a vantage point, and the lookout post on the edge of this hill is the place to go for the finest views of the Old City, the Dome of the Rock, and the sprawl of New Jerusalem.

  • King David Jerusalem

Overnight: King David Jerusalem
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch

6 - Sunday (October 23) : What these shores have seen



  • Breakfast at your hotel & check-out

  • Caesarea National Park - On the Mediterranean coast, Caesarea National Park is one of Israel’s most impressive archeological sites. Here, amazing ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, and impressive modern residences sit side by side. The city was initially built by King Herod in the 1st century BC, who dreamt of a major seaport to connect the Province of Judea with Rome. For this purpose, the king's men designed an entirely artificial harbor that was in use for about a Millennium. Caesarea became a central city in Roman and Byzantine times as can be seen from the massive archeological remains on site. View the spectacular Roman amphitheater, still used today as a performance venue, as well as the hippodrome that held 20,000 spectators for chariot races.

  • Lookout from the Bahai Gardens - From the Louis Promenade, on the top of Mount Carmel, we will admire the stunning scenery. Nicknamed the Balcony of the Country, a 400 meter long promenade at the top of the Baha'i Gardens offers a view of the entire Haifa Bay, all the way to the border with Lebanon. This impressive spot offers a truly spectacular view, so have a camera ready!

  • Lunch break at Wadi Nisnas - Wadi Nisnas is one of Haifa’s most colorful neighborhoods, full of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses, and the Wadi Nisnas market. It is a mixed neighborhood that captures the nature and atmosphere of the city of Haifa - a city of many faiths and communities, that live alongside each other in an exemplary co-existence. The Wadi Nisnas market is the place to go and experience some of the local flavors. (meal not included)

  • Historical tour of Akko - The ancient city of Akko is situated on the Mediterranean, is one of the oldest ports in the world, and a city shared by Jews and Muslims. Walk narrow streets past towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, venerable synagogues, slender Muslim minarets, and secret passageways. Discover the subterranean city built in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders beneath Akko. Learn about the city’s ancient history as well as its important role in Israel’s modern history.

  • Drive to your hotel & check-in - The drive is approximately an hour and 20 minutes.

  • Dinner on own at the hotel

  • North: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel - Hermon Room

Overnight: North: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel - Hermon Room
Meal Plan: breakfast

7 - Monday (October 24) : The Rugged Golan Heights



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Banias National Park - Take a refreshing walk around the Banias, one of Israel’s most beautiful nature reserves. The Banias spring feeds into the Jordan River, the reserve’s large waterfall tumbles down a 33-foot precipice year-round, and a nearby cave houses remains of a temple to the Greek god Pan. In the wars of 1948 and 1967, when the Golan was held by Syria, the site housed a Syrian officers’ club.

  • Continue with a Jeep tour of the Golan Heights - Geo-Political tour of the Golan with an expert. While traversing the rich landscape, learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the area. Stop for a lookout over the border with Syria from Mt. Bental to get a better understanding of the geography and strategical roll this region has for the State of Israel. Your local guide touches on the nuances of living so close to the Syrian border and what that has meant for Israel as it relates to security and humanitarian issues.

  • Pelter Winery - The Pelter Winery was established in 2005 and is a study in Terroir. Taste the wines made from grapes grown on the rich Golan soil and hear the story of the winery. Together with the wine, enjoy a lunch of local cheese.

  • Visit Um el Kanatir ancient synogogue - Um el Kanatir, also known as Ein Keshatot, is home to a Jewish village from the Period of the Mishna and Talmud, with a magnificent synagogue in its center. Enter a synagogue that features the original Ark Complex – the most preserved and magnificent ever to be discovered in Israel. The synagogue was excavated and reconstructed with advanced technological methods, and today it stands at a height of one story. The Ein Keshatot site also offers a visit to the village spring, which flows into ancient pools, surrounded by shaded areas.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant (meal and transfer not included)

  • Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel - Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

Overnight: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel
Meal Plan: breakfast, wine and cheese

8 - Tuesday (October 25) : Physical and spiritual heights



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Morning ride through the Hula Valley - The Hula valley sits in part of the northern Syrian African Rift Valley which stretches as far south as Mozambique in Africa. During every migration season over 500 million birds travel through the Hula Lake. This wetland paradise is the perfect stopover for small waterfalls, cormorants, heron, pelicans, raptors, storks, and cranes. Morning golf cart ride through the park. (bicycles are also available)

  • Sweet stop at La Chocolita - Learn the process of making chocolate at a boutique chocolate workshop located in Pkiin village. Have coffee and try the Kadaif praline at Mohanna Family garden.

  • Tour in Tzfat - Jewish mysticism's birthplace - The city of Tzfat is one of 4 holy cities in Jewish tradition, together with Tiberias, Hebron, and, naturally, Jerusalem. The city has become the center of Kabbalah scholars in the 16th century. As part of our tour, we will walk in the alleyways of Tzfat, visit some of the main Synagogues of the city, and have a chat with one of the Kabbalah-inspired artists that reside in the ancient part of town.

  • Druze quickie cooking workshop and dinner - Together with your hosts in their private home, prepare traditional Druze Galilean dishes and then enjoy the feast you create. Learn about Druze culture and history from your hosts and from the food you eat.

  • Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

Overnight: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel
Meal Plan: breakfast, cooking workshop and dinner

9 - Wednesday (October 26) : Abundance



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Enjoy morning at leisure at the hotel - Enjoy the pool and hotel's facilities

  • At noon check out from the hotel and drive south

  • Visit to Rish Lakish olive oil farm - A family-owned olive oil press. Meet the family, see the process of making olive oil, and taste products of the press and garden.

  • Drive to Ben Gurion Airport and fly to Ramon Airport

  • Private transfer to your hotel & check-in - Six Senses Hotel is the most highly anticipated hotel project in Israel's history and will open in August 2021. Set in the stunning Arava desert, the facility itself mirrors the splendor of the surroundings.

  • Dinner at the hotel (on own)

  • Shaharut: Six Senses Resort - Six Senses Suite

Overnight: Shaharut: Six Senses Resort - Six Senses Suite
Meal Plan: breakfast

10 - Thursday (October 27) : Desert Splendor



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Enjoy a day at leisure in the resort

  • Spa treatments are available

  • Six Senses Resort, Shaharut

Overnight: Six Senses Resort, Shaharut
Meal Plan: breakfast

11 - Friday (October 28) : Eilat Mountains



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Eilat Mountains - morning jeep tour and hike - Go on a 4 hours jeep trip around the beautiful Eilat Mountains. Your private guide will meet you at the hotel and drive to the Red Canyon. The name comes from the dark red sand stone which you will see as you walk through sand, climb over boulders and pass through some geographical formations either climbing down metal ladders or sliding down smooth rock formations of dry waterfalls. This is an adventure combining hiking and jeep safari.

  • OR

  • Tour of Timna Park - Discover beautiful geological formations and the ruins of ancient copper mines in Timna Valley.

  • Enjoy the hotel's facilities

  • Meals at the hotel (not included)

  • Six Senses Resort, Shaharut

Overnight: Six Senses Resort, Shaharut
Meal Plan: breakfast, lunch at the cheese farm

12 - Saturday (October 29) : Desert in Bloom



  • Breakfast & check-out from hotel - Your guide will meet you at the hotel's lobby.

  • Drive through Makhtesh Ramon National park - Makhtesh Ramon is a type of geological formation found only in Israel and northern Sinai. The steep rock cliffs surrounding a closed valley drained by a single wadi are the product of erosion. Ramon Crater is the largest of three in Israel.

  • Tour of Avdat National Park - Explore the desert at the Nabatean Spice Route at Avdat, which is over 2,000 years old. Learn the history of the desert’s significance on the culture and flavors of Israel.

  • Visit David Ben Gurion's Desert Home - Paula and David moved to their Desert home in 1953, following their acceptance as Sde Boker Kibbutz members, which manifested Ben-Gurion’s pioneering vision of settling the Negev.Their home has remained as it was left in 1973, according to Ben-Gurion’s instructions in his will, that his home will be open for the public to come visit. Since 1974, visitors can enjoy a tour of his home – as they would if they we’re his own personal guests.

  • Naot Farm - light meal and tour - Naot Desert Farm is one of the many havot bodedim (lone farms) built by Lea and Gadi Nahimov, modern-day pioneers who are making David Ben-Gurion’s vision of the desert blooming come to life. Visit the goats taste some delicious cheese.

  • Drive to Tel Aviv & check-in to your hotel - Check-in time on Saturdays is at 6:00 pm.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant - We will be happy to make recommendations and reservations for you.

  • Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel - Grand Deluxe Horizon room

Overnight: Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel - Grand Deluxe Horizon room
Meal Plan: breakfast

13 - Sunday (October 30) : Old and New side by side



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Begin your day with a visit of the Peres Center - The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is a leading non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on developing and implementing unique and cutting-edge programs. The center presents the incredible story of Israel, the "innovation nation", and showcases the diverse fields and people behind Israeli innovation.

  • Tour of Old Jaffa - On a walk through Jaffa, discover the ancient and modern situated side-by-side. Stroll through the alleyways of the Old City filled with artist studios as well as archaeological discoveries. Discover which Jewish and Christian stories took place in the city.

  • Lunch break at the Flea market

  • Stroll through Neve Tzedek - The first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside of Jaffa and currently one of the most beautiful and desired locations in Tel Aviv. It was built by some of the dignitaries of the old Jewish community of Jaffa in 1887. They were looking to head out of the ever-growing and over-crowded Jaffa, to build what was considered back then modern and comfortable housing. In recent years, after a period of neglect, the neighborhood was resorted and became a trendy fun beautiful part of the city and a good place to try some Israeli Gelato!

  • Walk along the Independence Trail - Inspired by the Freedom Trail in Boston, the new Independence Trail follows Tel Aviv’s heritage sites learning about the history of this great city along the way. The trail begins at the intersection of tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street, home to Tel Aviv’s first kiosk. The trail ends across the street at Independence Hall, where on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion read aloud the Declaration of Independence as Israel was declared an independent Jewish state.
    Along Rothchild Blvd., you will also discover the development of the city through the architecture styles.
    As you might know, Tel Aviv has more Bauhaus buildings that any other city in the world, so many that it is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant

  • Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel

Overnight: Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel
Meal Plan: breakfast

14 - Monday (October 31) : Art and culture



  • Breakfast at your hotel

  • Enjoy a day to explore on your own - Below are optional and suggested ideas: (we will be happy to arrange tours upon request)

  • ANU Museum of the Jewish People - In June 2021, after ten years of planning and construction, the largest Jewish museum in the world opened its doors. You’re invited to join a fascinating journey that portrays the story of the Jewish people through the generations and up to the present time. The Museum represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities in different periods of history. This story is about all of us and each and every one of us is part of it.

  • The Israeli story through Israeli Art - What is Israeli Art? Tour of the Israeli Art collection in the Tel Aviv Art Museum with Shirel Horovitz. Shirel lectures, leads art tours, teaches art and is an art consultant to a variety of private groups and institutions among them Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

  • Graffiti Tour - Dynamic Graffiti tour in the trendy neighborhood of Florentin, and experience fun and artistic freedom. Discover new and daring Israeli Graffiti Artists that are gaining recognition around the world.

  • Fashion Tour - The tour addresses the relationship Israeli fashion has with the various aspects of living in Israel including identity questions, sub-groups in Israel, immigration to Israel, wars and cultural life and social entrepreneurship. Meet old and new fashion brands, designers who use ancient crafts and other professionals who use the best technology. We will walk, talk and shop.

  • Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel

Overnight: Tel Aviv: Kempinski Hotel
Meal Plan: breakfast

15 - Tuesday (November 1) : Take Israel Back home



  • Check out - Early morning check for your 7:20 AM flight on Turkish Air #793

  • Private transfer to Ben Gurion Airport - You will meet your VIP agent that will take you through a fast check-in process. Fly back home.

  • We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country

Overnight: We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country
Meal Plan: breakfast


Are there suggested flights I can reserve?



Fri, Apr 14 - Delta 4649 - 2h 57m
Departing: Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport (MSP) at 2:34 pm
Arriving: New York John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) at 6:31 pm
----------Long Connection--Transit Time: 3h 36m----------

Fri, April 14 - Delta 234 - 10h 50m
Departing: New York John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) at 11:45 pm
Arriving: Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) at 5:35 pm (15 Apr)


Sat, 15 Apr - Air Canada 8718 - 2h 4m
Departing: Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport (MSP) at 9:55 am
Arriving: Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport (YYZ) at 12:59 pm
----------Transit Time: 3h 36m----------

Sat, 15 Apr - Air Canada 80 - 10h 25m
Departing: Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport (YYZ) at 4:35 pm
Arriving: Ben Gurion Intl Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) at 10:00 am (16 Apr)


Sat, 15 Apr - Delta 737 - 2h 43m
Departing: Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport (MSP) at 10:05 am
Arriving: Boston Logan Intl Airport (BOS) at 1:48 pm
----------Transit Time: 2h 2m----------

Sat, 15 Apr - Delta 242 - 10h 25m
Departing: Boston Logan Intl Airport (BOS) at 3:50 pm
Arriving: Ben Gurion Intl Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) at 9:15 am (16 Apr)



Mon, 24 Apr - United Airlines 141 - 12h 25m
Departing: Ben Gurion Intl Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) at 12:50 am
Arriving: Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) at 5:15 am
----------Transit Time: 2h 15m----------

Mon, 24 Apr - United Airlines 3541 - 1h 34m
Departing: Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) at 7:30 am
Arriving: Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport (MSP) at 9:04 am


Sun, 23 Apr - Delta 235 - 12h 20m
Departing: Ben Gurion Intl Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) at 11:55pm
Arriving: New York John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) at 5:15 am (24 Apr)
----------Transit Time: 3h 00m----------

Mon, 24 Apr - Delta 4682 - 3h 11m
Departing: New York John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) at 8:15 am
Arriving: Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport (MSP) at 10:26 am

What about COVID-19?

Though we hope this will be a non-issue come April 2023, the situation regarding COVID-19 is fluid and changes often, based on what is happening across the globe. We will continue to update you regarding current guidelines. That said, as you prepare for your trip, we suggest the following:
  • Health Insurance It is a condition of your booking through Via Sabra / Israel4All, as well as the State of Israel, that you obtain travel health insurance which includes coverage for COVID-19.
  • Travel Insurance In addition, we strongly recommend that you purchase full travel insurance which includes coverage for ‘cancellation under any circumstances and for any reason’. It is recommended to purchase insurance as soon as the booking is made, as this coverage is often dependent on purchasing as close to the time of booking. You can purchase travel insurance through our partner, Travel Insured, an experienced company and one of the largest in the industry, through this link.
  • Closer to the trip, we will publish details about relevant COVID guidelines and testing requirements for before, during, and after the trip.

What's the weather like in Israel?

It is always best to check the weather forecast beforehand as the weather during the Spring seasons can be unexpectedly warm or cold. From late March through May, daytime temperatures are generally very pleasant - around 65-70°F, though it can still be hot in some areas (such as the Dead Sea and Eilat). There is a slight chance of rain, but it doesn't happen often. It can be cooler in the evenings in the North and Jerusalem - approximately 45°F.
Weekly weather forecast

Terms of Payment

Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 45 days prior to first day of trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours, with a full refund.

Should it be necessary to cancel or postpone the tour due to force majeure circumstances, or Israeli government-imposed/air flight restrictions related to COVID-19,  a full refund may be possible, minus a $200 per person service fee.

For cancellations made:

  • Up to 45 days prior to departure, any payments made above the deposit towards the tour will be refunded. The deposit is non-refundable
  • 45 to 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 29 to 8 days prior to departure, 25% of the total tour cost per person will be refunded
  • 7 to 0 days prior to departure, the client will incur 100% of the cost of the tour

Should members of a group booking cancel their participation, their deposits cannot be applied to the balance payment of other group members.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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