Price range
From $8200 per person
Upcoming Date
15-23 February 2022
Tour Time
9 Days (Inc. Arv./Dpt.)
Join Lior Lev Sercarz - spice blender and owner of La Boîte, a biscuits and spice shop in New York City on this extraordinary culinary tour punctuated by his expertise in spicing things up! Focus on the lush greenery of the winter season with all it has to offer.


Tour Israel with spice master Lior Lev Sercarz
Shabbat Dinner with Adeena Sussman
Explore Israel through your tastebuds
Half Day Workshop with Galilee Chef Erez Komarovsky
5* Hotels including Beresheet Resort
Single Supplement - $1300


1 - Tuesday (February 15) : What are Spices?



  • Meet the group and depart for the north

  • Terroir, Seasons, Israeli Cuisine - Lior, together with Avihai Tsabari, founder of Via Sabra, will engage you in a conversation about Israeli Cuisine.

  • Short tour of Nazareth market - The Nazareth Market was established in the 17th century and originally its districts were divided according to themes- the Brides’ Market, the Vegetable Market, the Tinsmiths’ Market and the Carpenters’ Market were among the main ones. Today these sections remain only in memory but the market is still bustling with activity and authenticity.

  • Lunch in Nazareth - Israel’s biggest Arab city, Nazareth is a fascinating place, set in the Lower Galilee. It combines traditional, simple Arabic charm, Christian history, and grand old Arabic architecture. Nazareth is home to many important early Christian sites, including the Basilica of the Annunciation, Mary’s Well, and the Synagogue Church, as well as an authentic, living Arab souk (market). Explore the world of coffee and spices with heritage of over 400 years in the making.

  • Spices with Lior - At El Babour Spice Store in the heart of the holy city of Nazareth, the 120-year-old, family-run mill is renowned for its range of exceptional homemade spices. Introduction to the world of spices with Lior Lev Sercarz

  • Drive to the hotel and check in

  • Dinner at Lior's family's farm, Bustan Haim - At Bustan Haim, Lior’s family produces olive oil and grows their own produce. Enjoy and evening dinner that highlights the farm's and the area's products.

  • Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

Overnight: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel
Meal Plan: Lunch and dinner

2 - Wednesday (February 16) : The Galilee Mosaic



  • Breakfast at the hotel - Introducing: Drink of the Day - every day, end breakfast with a unique drink brewed and mixed specifically for that day.

  • Agamon HaHula - The Hula valley sits in part of the northern Syrian African Rift Valley which stretches as far south as Mozambique in Africa. During every migration season over 500 million birds travel through the Hula Lake. This wetland paradise is the perfect stopover for small waterfalls, cormorants, heron, pelicans, raptors, storks, and cranes. Walk or ride through the park on bikes or in golf carts.

  • Meet Farah Raslan - Farah, originally from Lebanon, is one of Israel's up and coming chefs, She is taking the culinary scene by storm after making it to the finals of Israel's Master Chef by preparing authentic Lebanese cuisine

  • Galilean cooking with Erez Komarovsky - Cooking workshop at Kibbutz Matat, eat lunch that you’ll cook together.

  • Explore Galilean Cuisine - Spend the rest of the day with Erez, deep inside the local ingredients, cuisine, and culture. Visits a local market, 3000 year old olive trees, a traditional flour mill, a boutique dairy, a microbrewery, eat Arabic sweets, and more.

  • Time to enjoy the hotel's facilities and spa

  • Wine of the day - Gather the group for a glass of wine before dinner

  • Dinner at the hotel

  • Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

Overnight: Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

3 - Thursday (February 17) : The Yield of the Land



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Optional for early birds: Israel National Trail - Early morning hike a portion of The Israel National Trail which traverses the length of Israel and was established as a National Trail in 1995.

  • Hot Drink of the Day! - Explore the world of coffee and spices

  • Foraging with Uri Mayer Chizzik "Sustainable Eating" - Get to know local, wild food from nature– and dishes prepared today from food that has grown here throughout history with Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick, an expert on the history of local food and nutrition in the Middle-East and author of the Israeli guide to foraging wild edible plants, hike and cook outdoors.

  • Naama Szterenlicht - Local Tonic - Meet Naama Szterenlicht, local tonic brewer and artisanal forager.

  • Drive to Tel Aviv

  • Biscuits and Babka workshop with Uri Scheft of Lehamim and Lior Lev Sercarz

  • Check into the hotel

  • Dinner at M25 - One of the top meat restaurants in the city just happens to be this unassuming, tavern-style eatery. Featuring one-of-a-kind Israeli dishes, with fresh meat taking the spotlight, carnivores can rejoice in the deliciously juicy flavors, and a menu that changes daily.”

  • Royal Beach

Overnight: Royal Beach
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

4 - Friday (February 18) : Shishi Yisraeli



  • Early Friday morning at the Carmel Market - The Carmel Market, is the largest market in Tel Aviv. Touring the market reveals the taste of the ages of Tel-Aviv in the youthful atmosphere of the city's central market. The established market that was founded over 90 years ago can now reveal its secrets, stories, and legends to you. Visit the market as it is opening for Shabbat shopping!

  • Shakshuka with the locals at Levinsky - Nothing is more Israeli than eating breakfast on a Friday in a Tel Aviv café. Divide into groups of four to dine with the locals at different Levinsky market neighborhood cafés with a classic Israeli breakfast -2021 style.

  • Spice shops of Levinsky Market - The Levinsky Market specializes in spices and Mediterranean delicacies. It is, in many ways, the best market in Tel Aviv, for its variety, freshness and special atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a rare Indian spice or some good quality saffron - this is the place. Shops offer a cornucopia of excellent cheeses, smoked fish, wines and other delicacies. Tour the market and have "tastings" throughout.

  • Lunch at HaKosem

  • Time to get ready for Shabbat dinner

  • Shabbat Dinner - Cook and eat Shabbat dinner with Adeena Sussman

  • Royal Beach

Overnight: Royal Beach
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

5 - Saturday (February 19) : The Spice of Shabbat



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • What is Israeli Art? - Tour of the Tel Aviv Art Museum and art galleries with Shirel Horovitz. Shirel lectures, leads art tours, teaches art and is an art consultant to a variety of private groups and institutions among them Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

  • The Special Spice of Shabbat - In private setting indulge in a Jewish Shabbat Brunch. Enjoy the variety of classic ethnic foods that are part of the Shabbat day meal. These dishes are brought directly from the homes in which the food was cooked for families that share their heritage and flavors. Lior will talk about the spices used in each dish.

  • Wine Small Talk with Yair Haidu - Discuss Israeli wines with wine master Yair Haidu, and learn about the unique terroir, history and trends in the wine culture in Israel.

  • Optional- Bauhaus Tour of Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv has more Bauhaus buildings that any other city in the world, so many that it is designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. The buildings were designed by Bauhaus architects who immigrated to Israel from Europe in the 1930s and were influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius.Some 4000 Bauhaus buildings were built in the 1930s – a development which turned the city center into a quasi "open air Bauhaus museum" and earned Tel Aviv the nickname “White City.”

  • Dinner at Beit Kandinof in Yafo - Mediterranean cuisine with unique Jaffa touches while focusing on bringing the best and the freshest products that Israel has to offer.

  • Royal Beach

Overnight: Royal Beach
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

6 - Sunday (February 20) : Cultural Diversity



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Depart Tel Aviv and drive south

  • Modern Agriculture at Kadesh Barnea - Here the arid desert, a miracle of agriculture takes place with cherry tomatoes. Meet the farmer and see what has been achieved through technology.

  • Desert Herbs-Shirat Hamidbar - In the sand dunes of Halutza lies a unique organic farm in which grows medicinal herbs and spices, Moroccan Argan trees, edible grapes and a colourful orchard. Prepare your own spiced oil and enjoy a special lunch as you take in the nature surrounding you.

  • Nitzana National Park - Drive by Nitzana National Park is one of the six Nabatean cities of the Negev that were established along the spice route. Lior will talk about the Spice Route and its influence on the culture and cuisine of Israel.

  • Nana Winery - Tour and tasting at Nana Farm Winery. In the heart of desert, between ancient stone terraces and barren golden sand hills, wine vineyards appear. The powerful site is hard to describe in words. Experienced vintner Eran Raz, nicknamed "Nana", has created a quality leading wine in what some may be surprised to call ideal conditions for quality vine growth.

  • Dinner at the hotel

  • Beresheet

Overnight: Beresheet
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

7 - Monday (February 21) : Desert Dreams



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Maktesh Ramon Hike

  • Jeep Tour in Mitzpe Ramon

  • Lasha Bakery - When it’s time for lunch meet Hadas Meir of the Lasha Desert Bakery who will guide you in a bread baking workshop. “For Meir, baking is a spiritual thing. ‘I think bread is a blessed food. It is the most moving interpretation of combining matter and spirit. Even physically, bread is spiritual in essence. You’ll have a lunch of salads and bread.

  • Free time at the hotel

  • Dinner under the Stars - Desert Dinner- it’s not a mirage! Your evening awaits under the stars poike, spirits, desert music, star-gazing, and the most magical dinner you’ve ever had.

  • Hot Drink of the Day! - Hot spiced wine and cider under the stars

  • Beresheet

Overnight: Beresheet
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

8 - Tuesday (February 22) : The Migration of the Market



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Morning on your own at the hotel

  • Depart hotel and stop for lunch at Kornhmel Farm - Kornmehl organic goat cheese farm, set among views of the desert hills, the faces remnants terraces belonging to an ancient farm that is over 5,000 years old. Speak with owners Anat.

  • Drive to Jerusalem and straight to the Old City

  • Tastes of the Old City - Walk through the Old City seeing the historical and religious sites of the Jewish and Christian Quarters. See some off-the-beaten track sites in the winding alleyways and enjoy some Jerusalem delicacies. We will have a “taste of history” that interweaves stories and anecdotes, historical information and, of course, combine the senses of smell, taste, and sound

  • Hot Drink of the Day! - Sachlav- there's nothing more warming and comforting than sachlav made of unusual ingredients and there's no better sachlav to be found than deep in the heart of the Arab Market.

  • Dinner at Hamotzi - Israeli Master Chef winner Avi Levy combines a North African cooking style with a Jerusalem flare to create a rich kaleidoscopic of flavors using local ingredients from the nearby Machane Yehuda market.

  • Overnight: Mamilla - Jerusalem

Overnight: Overnight: Mamilla
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

9 - Wednesday (February 23) : East and West in Israeli Cuisine



  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Explore Ashkenazic Jewish food traditions with Shmil Holland - Shmil is one of Jerusalem’s most well-known chefs whose inspiration comes from his grandmother’s stories and Eastern European recipes. Make Jerusalem Kugel in Shmil’s kitchen and talk about Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Arab, Israeli, and Jewish Food.

  • Machane Yehuda Market - In the heart of Jerusalem, a bustling multi-ethnic market bursting with life, art, and flavor, a tasting tour through Machane Yehuda market is an adventure for your taste buds. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all the rich fragrances, colors and sounds this iconic Jerusalem market offers.

  • At Hamatsesa, summarize your journey through a cocktail workshop - Drink down a story of Israel! Travel the different regions of the country through the drinks. Through local spirits, quality Israeli produce, cultural design, and Israeli innovation, meet the staff of an Israeli cocktail 'start-up' and see how they translate this into amazing cocktails. Cocktails are mixed with Israeli alcohol, fruit in season, and wrapped into the Israeli story. You’ll have a chance to learn to mix the drinks as well.

  • Final dinner at Rama's Kitchen - “Rama’s Kitchen” was founded by Rama Ben Zvi 22 years ago, as a unique restaurant in the Jerusalem hills. Over the years Rama’s Kitchen has become a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The magnificent surroundings enhance a total and uniquely special culinary experience. The menu constitutes a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Depart for airport or extension

Overnight: Depart for airport or extension
Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


What's the weather like in Israel?

It is always best to check the weather forecast beforehand as the weather during Spring and Fall seasons can be unexpectedly warm or cold.

Spring (late March – May): Daytime temperatures are generally very pleasant - around 65-70°F, though it can still be hot in some areas (such as the Dead Sea and Eilat). There is a slight chance of rain, but it doesn't happen often. It can be cooler in the evenings in the North and Jerusalem - approximately 45°F.

Summer (late May - late September): Temperatures are usually in the high 80s-90s. At this time of year, humidity will be highest in Tel Aviv and Tiberias. Other areas such as Jerusalem are drier and cooler, particularly at night. The desert, Masada and Eilat are extremely hot, but dry. It will almost never rain in the summer in Israel!

Fall (late September – November): Same as Spring, but the rain can begin towards the end of the season.

Winter (December - early March): Winter can be mild and sunny, or severe and overcast. There's often heavy rain and, in January and February, even snow at times! Temperatures will be in the 50s-60s most places, but in the 40s in Jerusalem and the Galilee hills, and cold at night. Pack layers and be prepared for anything!

Weekly weather forecast

What is the situation with regard to COVID-19 in Israel?

The rules for entering Israel change often, and sometimes very quickly. Beginning November 1, 2021, and for the first time since the start of the pandemic, the Israeli government has outlined a plan to allow tourists to enter Israel. There are some minor differences between guidelines for individual tourists and those who will be participating in an organized tour. **Please note that all travelers are still required to be either vaccinated (all vaccinations approved by the WHO will be accepted) or recovered. Testing requirements may vary according to whether you are traveling on your own or with a group. All of our tours are planned in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Health. We know that these rules and regulations can be confusing. Have questions? Click here to set up a time to talk with us. We can answer any questions you might have and then help you plan your trip! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates on travel policies.

Is it safe to travel in Israel?

Yes! It is safe for you and your family to travel in Israel. The Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have a vested interest in encouraging tourism. As a registered tour operator we receive security updates from the Home Front office and on rare occasions adjust our itineraries on their recommendations

Will Lior accompany the trip throughout?

YES! absolutely.

Terms of Payment

Deposit is due immediately to secure the booking.

Balance for the trip is due no later than 45 days prior to first day of trip.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be cancelled within 48 hours, with a full refund. $200 per person service fee, will not be refunded. 

Full refunds or changes will be possible for cancellations made as a result of force majeure circumstances, or due to Israel-imposed governmental or air flight restrictions related to COVID-19. In that case, $200 per person service fee will not be refunded.

Cancellations up to 45 days prior to departure, the deposit per person will be charged (non-refundable).
Cancellations between 45 to 30 days prior to departure, entail a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour cost per person.
Cancellations between 29 to 8 days prior to departure, entail a cancellation fee of 75% of the tour cost per person.
For 7 to 0 days prior to departure entail a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of the trip

Should members of a group booking cancel their participation, their deposits cannot be applied to the balance payment of other group members.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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A private, licensed, English speaking, culinary tour guide (text)
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Meals as listed in the itinerary v
Airfare v
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