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1 - Wednesday ( July 3 )



  • ANU Museum of the Jewish People - The newly re-imagined ANU Museum of the Jewish People tells the story of the Jewish people through the generations and up to the present time. Dive into this dynamic and interactive experience that represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities throughout different periods of history.

2 - Thursday ( July 4 )



  • Rimon Music School - Bringing on the Beat: Experience the vital role music schools are playing in Israel's thriving jazz and music scene at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. We'll meet musicians from Israel and around the world who are studying at the country's leading school for advanced studies in modern music and sample some of the sweet, exciting sounds they're creating.

  • A Healing Place - The Healing Space is an emergency mental health facility that was established during the war in response to the need for care for thousands of traumatized young people at music festivals around the Gaza Strip. Led by Lia Naor, Ph.D., numerous caregivers volunteered, including psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychotherapists, and certified clinical instructors. Within a few days, a new model for initial mental assistance was developed, offering a holistic, integrative, and community-based approach.

  • Brothers For Life Experience - Brothers for Life is devoted to ensuring that every wounded combat soldier receives the care and support needed to ensure his/her return to a fulfilling and contributive life. Meet staff members and clients and join them for lunch at their center. Brothers for Life was created by and is run by injured Israeli veterans, and gives critical and immediate help to other injured Israeli combat veterans who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Israel's citizens.

  • Polyphony

  • Beit Rut Daniel

3 - Friday ( July 5 )



  • Dan Groover Arts

  • Citrus & Salt: Cooking Lessons & Market Tours - In response to the challenges that arose following the tragic events of October 7, sisters Aliya Fastman and Shaendl Davis, the owners of Tel Aviv cooking studio Citrus & Salt, have turned their culinary haven into a place of unity and support for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Israel. Cook meals for soldiers and/or evacuees.

  • Israeli Beit Tefilah

4 - Saturday ( July 6 )



  • Beit Daniel

  • The Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Explore the Israeli story through the Israeli Art collection in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - In this dynamic tour guided by an expert guide, we'll figure out what defines Israeli art, and what its relationship is with the Zionist narrative as well as the international art world. This tour through the extensive Israeli collection is an opportunity to visually explore Israeli narratives from the early 20th century until today, and discuss Israeli identity, spirituality, connection to the land and more. What is the story the Israeli Art tells us about contemporary Israel?

  • Havdalah

5 - Sunday ( July 7 )



  • Women of the Wall


6 - Monday ( July 8 )



  • Dr. Cochav Elkayam-Levy - An expert on international law, human rights, and feminist theories. Established and heads The Civil Commission on Oct. 7th Crimes by Hamas against Women and Children. The commission's members worked to document every piece of information regarding cases of abuse to present to the international community. After months of intense work, meetings and presentations the U.N has acknowledged these violations and atrocities. She was awarded the Israel Prize in the field of Solidarity (Arvut Hadadit) for her tireless work to raise awareness and acknowledgement to the crimes committed by Hamas against women, children and families.

  • Mohammad Darawshe - do not use - Mohammad Darawshe is a leading political analyst and expert on Jewish-Arab relations inside Israel. He is the Director the Center for Shared Society at Givat Haviva.

  • The National Library of Israel - Founded in Jerusalem in 1892, the National Library of Israel (NLI) holds the collective memory of Israelis of all backgrounds and faiths and the Jewish people worldwide. While continuing to serve as Israel's preeminent research library, over the past decade NLI has embarked upon an ambitious journey of renewal to encourage diverse audiences in Israel and around the globe to engage with its treasures in new and meaningful ways. This transformative renewal is taking place through a range of innovative educational, cultural, and digital initiatives, as well as through the construction of a new landmark campus, on schedule to open its doors in 2023.

  • Sam Spiegel Film and Television School - As the leading film school in Israel, the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School educates towards excellence and professionalism. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and our alumni make up the core of the Israeli film industry. The school provides fertile ground for the next generation of film and television creators. Located in central Jerusalem at the new Arts Campus, we see our role as essential to the vibrant culture in downtown. Tour the building which includes 22 editing suites; sound-studio and classrooms; an amazing roof-top garden; and on the first floor three cinemas that are open to the public. After the tour we will go into one of the cinemas for a screening of a student film (approximately 12 min) followed by a talk with students/alumni/faculty.

  • Feel Beit - Feel Beit is a cultural home for creating art, expanding perspectives, and imagining new ways forward for Jerusalem. "We are a group of Israelis and Palestinians who create art and music to bridge divides in Jerusalem. Everything we present is rooted in love for the diverse people of this place. We are driven by the conviction that when all else breaks down, art and music must break through." Mekudeshet is an award-winning, cultural organization that creates original art and music to reimagine Jerusalem from being a center of conflict into a laboratory for connections between people of all kinds.

7 - Tuesday ( July 9 )



  • Chen Abrahams - Kotler - Chen Abrahams - Kotler is an advocate and spokesperson for Kibbutz Kfar Aza and the rest of the Gaza Envelope area. Chen has been involved with founding a number of non-profits that address the challenges of the south and created The Gaza Border Experience project. Recently her work has taken on a more significance as she hosts delegations from around the world who seek to understand the events of October 7 and what has followed.

  • Merkaz Rahat - Visit the Bedouin town of Rahat which has been impacted by the war and bombarded by missiles. Visiting and showing our support will be a sign of our caring and connection to this unique community. Meet Reform Rabbi Yael Vurgan discuss her efforts to promote coexistence with the Bedouin community and her community in Sha'ar HaNegev. Pending availability, meet family members of Bedouins who were taken hostage and released.

  • Grisha Yakubovich - Stop at key lookout points for an in-depth discussion of the complexity of the Gaza Border situation. Grisha Yakubovich served in the Israel Defence Forces for 30 years, ending his career as Head of the Civil Coordination Department of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). He now consults and guides educational tour of the Gaza Border and the West Bank.

  • Mangal Israeli - "Al HaEsh" - "Al Ha'esh" is a Hebrew phrase that translates to "on the fire" or "on the grill." It's often used to refer to grilled food, particularly in the context of barbecues and outdoor cooking in Israel.
    The BBQ is never about the food. It's about the atmosphere, experience, and most of all - the people!

8 - Wednesday ( July 10 )



  • Yoga Synagogue ah - Yoga Synagogue Ah followers find themselves all over Jerusalem practicing yoga in inspirational settings. Join the group's founder, Laura Gilinski, for a session to guide you into Shabbat.

  • Israel Story

  • Beit Avi Chai - Join the Jerusalem public in a Friday musical tradition preparing for Shabbat. Beit AVI CHAI serves as a center for the creation and expression of Jewish and Israeli culture and education. Established in 2007 with the goal of attracting a diverse spectrum of Israeli society, Beit AVI CHAI focuses on programs geared to Jewish people living in Israel and, via its website, around the world.

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