ACC Israel 2024 – Itinerary Day 09

Tuesday, July 9

 Peripheral Vision-Culture in the Periphery

Choose one option for the day – below or similar

AradLiving on the Desert’s Edge

  • Yonat ha Midbar- Using desert herbs to make natural soap, healing herbs, and natural cosmetic.
  • Arad Artists Quarter- meet painters, metalsmiths, sculptors, and glass artist Gideoan Friedman.
  • Meet Yaakov Uria of Pinto Winery and learn the magic of wine made from grapes grown in the desert.
  • Lunch at Muza with Alon Segal, owner, who is dedicated to encouraging music and creativity in the periphery.

Judean Hills– 

  • Participate in a dance workshop at Vertigo Dance Company.
  • Kurdish cooking workshop and lunch with Lili Aziz in Zahariya
  • Wine tasting at Sphera Winery with a focus on what’s unique to Judean Hills Wines
  • Visit Artists studios.

Bethlehem Arts Tour

  • Visit the Cremisan Winery which was the first winery to nurture native vines.
  • Walk through the Old Market of Bethlehem
  • Meet with a local theater group
  • Have lunch with local families.
  • Visit the new Wonder Cabinet Cultural Center.
  • See the Banksy Walled Off Hotel

Evening Program

An Orchestra of Cultures, a Choir of Tastes: An evening of Music and Food in the Jerusalem Hills  

  • Join together for Maariv
  • Shop in our shuk of local artists and food producers
  • Experience the pairing of music and food and how they reflect each other
  • End with a Performance by the “Melting Pot” Band that we will convene from our musicians together with the Diwan HaLev project, an ensemble that performs traditional music in a free contemporary Israeli style, using original instruments from the Jewish Diaspora.

 Overnight: Jerusalem


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