ACC Israel 2024 – Itinerary Day 08

Monday, July 8 

A Sense of Diversity 

Breakfast at the hotel

Modeh Ani- Early Morning Options

  • Yoga Synagogue-Ah- Yoga Synagogue Ah followers find themselves all over Jerusalem practicing yoga in inspirational settings.  Join the group’s founder, Laura Gilinski, for a meaningful morning practice.
  • Run with Runners Without Borders which harnesses the positive power of sport to bring together Jews and Arabs, rebuilding the lost trust between these communities, and providing a platform for renewed dialogue. The organization encourages tolerance and dialogue between Jewish and Arab communities in Israel, using sports as a medium and uses professional running to empower participants’ self confidence and to develop their leadership skills.

 Morning Electives- You will choose one of the following or similar

  • Old City off the beaten path Arts Tour

Explore the hidden corners of the Old City with a focus on the arts. Meet an artistic scribe, visit a tattoo artist, hear stories and sounds.

  • Encounter with the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School 

The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School was founded in 1989 by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture and the Jerusalem Foundation as Israel’s first independent nation school for film and television. Meet their staff, view film clips, and learn about the Netflix series lab and film and the Jerusalem International Film Lab.

  •  Dissolving Boundaries Tour

The Dissolving Boundaries Tour invites you to join real people from Jerusalem on an adventure across perspectives, passions, and divides. Dissolving Boundaries celebrates the courage, ingenuity and stirring humanity of regular people in an extraordinary place and asks you to discover the boundary dissolver within yourself.

  • Art & Identity – weaving narratives of Israeli, Jewish and Jerusalemite with Shirel Horovitz

How do art politics and social justice meet in Jerusalem? Visit places such as Museum on the seam, The Jerusalem Print house, Barbur Gallery, and more

  • “Shtisl” Tour-A taste of the Ultra-Orthodox world

Walk the streets of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, get to know the people, the food, and feel the vibrations of this life. Gain a more complex appreciation for the people by listening to their music, visiting synagogues, various institutions, seeing unique leisure, fashion, and art this world encompasses.

  • Culture and Social Justice
    • Muslala, a non-profit that wishes to produce a new model that combines artistic activity with a social orientation.
    • Metzilot Mazon, the Jerusalem Food Rescuers, aims to create a more Just and sustainable urban food system with less waste. Working with the wholesale market, they divert surplus produce that would have otherwise gone to waste and support communities that don’t have equitable access to food.
  • “Holy Fashion” Tour

Jerusalem fashion: Does it Exist? Fashion tour of unique, iconic Jerusalem designers which tells the story of Israeli fashion. Explore the connection between Israeli fashion and Jerusalem, learn about the role the city plays in the creative process of Israeli designers and the various ways they ‘use’ Jerusalem’s symbols to convey different messages through the years and talk about the connection between spirituality and fashion.

Time for lunch on your own

Afternoon program- TBD

Evening Experience at Feel Beit

Meet Karen Brunwasser, founder of Feel Beit, eat dinner, and enjoy music Feel Beit Style. Feel Beit is a cultural home for creating art, expanding perspectives, and imagining new ways forward for Jerusalem. “We are a group of Israelis and Palestinians who create art and music to bridge divides in Jerusalem. Everything we present is rooted in love for the diverse people of this place. We are driven by the conviction that when all else breaks down, art and music must break through.”

Overnight: Jerusalem


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