ACC Israel 2024 – Itinerary Day 06

Day 6: Saturday, July 6

 Shabbat Shalom 

Shabbat Shacharit with Beit Daniel

We gather for a shabbat morning service with our IMPJ partners at Beit Daniel, followed by a light kiddush, where we’ll hear how they’ve grown in the last ten years, how they have expanded their reach, and how they are responding to what is happening in Israel today.

 Shabbat Kiddush

The Religious Turn – Contemporary Israeli Art and the Return to Judaism: A Conversation with Shirel Horovitz and Assi Meshulam 

The Israeli art scene has pushed away religiosity in general and Judaism in particular for many decades. The last years have brought a change in this relationship leading to a revival of interest in tradition, spirituality, and religion. How much of this is a trend and what fuels this shift? How is it related to identity politics and the breaking of hegemonic narratives?

The session will take us through the last five years in the Israeli art world examining a variety of case studies bringing to the forefront this return to Judaism and placing it within the larger context of our era. Both artist-scholar Shirel Horovitz and artist-scholar Assi Meshulam have deep ties to these issues within their artwork and research which will allow for a unique combination of academic and personal as in the second part of the session they will share their personal artistic journey in relation to these issues before opening to Q&A.

Free time  

Free time Options

  • Tel Aviv Museums
    • ANU
    • Eretz Yisrael
    • Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
  • The Women who built Tel Aviv walking tour

From the early days of the establishment of Tel Aviv as the first Hebrew city, women have played a key role in building the foundation.  Learn about Golda Meir, Rachel the Poet, Tzina Dizingoff, Ahuva Ozeri and others who were the movers and shakers that were part of making this city so great.

Gather together for  Havdalah

Dinner on your own 

Performance Options will be sent (no reservations made)

 Overnight: Tel Aviv


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