ACC Israel 2024 – Itinerary Day 03

Wednesday, July 3

How Location Influences Arts-The Cultural Evolution of Haifa

Breakfast and checkout

Depart the hotel and drive to Haifa 

Shacharit in Haifa with an IMPJ partner congregation

Haifa as an Arts Hub-Haifa’s art and culture scene is exploding. Haifa is no longer just the ‘one hit wonder’ known for the Bahai Gardens- it is a rich and colorful arts and culinary scene that is unique and reflective of the city itself. Spend the day experiencing the diversity and vibrance of the city. You will each visit several of these sites and neighborhoods and will eat lunch in one of the city’s markets.

  • Haifa Museum of Art– The Haifa Museum of Art, established in 1951, is in a historic building built in the 1930s in Wadi Nisnas. The museum is Israel’s third largest art museum and focuses on Israeli and international contemporary art.
  • Beit HaGefen is an Arab-Jewish Community Center which strives to establish a broad platform between and beyond the walls of the gallery. With an exhibition space, The Third Space – a place for education and art, and The Museum Without Walls – a platform for research and production of artworks in the public space.  The museum sits on the intersection of three neighborhoods – the German Colony, Hadar, and Wadi Nisnas.
  • Pyramida Center is a contemporary art center located in Wadi Saleeb and serves as a meeting ground for Israeli artists and their international peers. The center combines studios with a gallery and has as one of its goals to serve as a bridge between the art community and the general public. 
  • Graffiti Tour – Graffiti has been part of the rejuvenation of Haifa’s Downtown and many other parts of the city. During the Walls Festival, graffiti artists from Israel and around the world painted full buildings and their influence spread throughout the city. What makes Haifa’s street art scene different? Find out!
  • Rova Hamadregot – Walk (down) the stairs pathway that creates the illusion of a secret passageway through the city and connects the Carmel Heights to the lower city. Pass by Haifa’s main landmarks and see the neighborhoods change and you descend.
  • Wadi Nisnas Market– Wadi Nisnas is a mixed neighborhood that captures the nature and atmosphere of the city of Haifa, full of narrow streets, picturesque stone houses.  The market is the place to go for some of the local flavors: taste pastries, spiced tea, the best falafel in Israel, and strong Turkish coffee, along with aromas that will have your mouth watering.
  • Shuk Talpiyot is a public market in the Wadi Saleeb area, housed in a historic building. The market offers farm-to-table produce, spices, fresh baked good and also street-food stalls and restaurants.

Drive towards Tel Aviv with a stop at the Bird Mosaic in Caesarea for a moment of meeting, meaning, and reflection. The Bird Mosaic, the floor of a villa found in the Caesarea site, is the most beautiful Byzantine mosaic in the country and is ornamented with 120 round medallions, each displaying a bird. 

Drive to Tel Aviv and check into your hotel 

Dinner on your own 

Overnight: Tel Aviv


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